[W|0.11.834] Food for executed prisoner is still "forbidden" after execution

Started by Axelios, June 24, 2015, 10:52:32 PM

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When your prisoner is brought food and then executed, the owner of the food is dead but the food is still marked as for them, and forbidden for hauling.

Expected behaviour:
No living prisoners in the prison room, so food is allowed to be hauled.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Have prisoner.
2) Make prisoner hungry.
3) Allow food to be brought to prisoner
4) Execute prisoner before food is eaten.
5) Try to prioritise hauling of the food that was left in the cell.
It says: "Cannot haul *** (prisoner room)"
- in my case *** was "packaged survival meal".
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all food in a prison is forbidden to colonist, by design. Regardless of there being a living prisoner.


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Quote from: StorymasterQ on June 24, 2015, 11:25:05 PM
Is this what "Socially improper" was?

Yes, it is. It may be a bit weird, but it is working according to the design so I wouldn't call it a bug. I'll have to think about whether this wants a redesign. Thanks for bringing it up Axe.
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