Naked vs. Tattered Clothing

Started by Darmok, June 26, 2015, 05:11:34 AM

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I was looking through my colonists' needs and info tabs when I noticed the debuff for being naked (-3) is the same for wearing tattered apparel (-3). Are clothes at <50% durability so ruined that they do not adequately cover up the colonists? It just seems a little silly that a little tattered clothes are just as bad to a colonist psychologically as being completely exposed and naked. Perhaps the tattered clothing debuff should be lowered to -2 or maybe it should become active at a lower durability %, like 30% or so?


Seems like a small but valid suggestion, easily fixed and for the right reasons...i concur. You have my sword.
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Seriously though, +1.
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Id give my syther blade, but ahhhhhh, thatd be a little hard, so ill just say i agree with ur idea
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could have something to do with the fact that "if i can have clothes, then why do i have to get the tattered ones?"

also let's not forget jelously of colonists that do have non tattered clothes


Different colonists should respond differently.
Some would hate being naked more than being clothed in crappy clothing.
Some would hate being seen wearing any type of damaged clothing.
Some would hate being seen wearing clothing of certain materials.
Some wouldn't care about how they look and would get no buffs or debuffs with regard to clothing.
Hell, you could have a Crust-punk walking around who hates undamaged clothing.
Or a macho man who would hate soft clothes.
Vegetarians who hate wearing leather (or eating meat).


I agree. From a gameplay perspective, it makes no sense for tattered and naked mood penalties to be the same. It almost seems to encourage you to sell all your clothes in the summer/hot biomes instead of trying to ensure your colonists can at least wear something at all times. A slight buff to battered clothing, even a -2 to the current mood effect (as apposed to -3), would fix this problem.


Very good point. If even a single tattered item, such as a hat or shirt, is as bad as having no clothes at all, it is tempting to not bother at all. I think I would report this
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OK Being naked is just that, being naked. It's annoying but not critical esp in the equal oppotunity worlds of Rimworld. Tattered clothing however are really annoying to wear and they activelly touching your body... ew.. ew... ew... Also tattered clothing still impart weather protection so there's a trade off here. Remove the clothes and be grumpily nude or wear the clothes and grumpily alive.