my first save i broke the game help?

Started by Shadowman, October 03, 2015, 09:41:14 PM

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Hello i was going along no issues then events just stopped, nothing has happened in 4 hours so i can here to see if there is some kind of fix?


Could you tell us a bit about where your colony's at and what difficulty and storyteller you're playing on?

I think there was a bug associated with Randy Random and switching storytellers back in A11, but I'm not sure what the current version of that bug is.


Phoebee chillax on basebuilder mode never changed story tellers didnt know how. I was having events just fine for like 4 hours then nothing for the last 4 hours.

fixed my save i removed the mods i started with and added them one at a time, turns out 1 was broken and once it was gone events started instantly :) bad mod lol