New Raider Weapons

Started by DeltaV, October 24, 2013, 07:42:28 PM

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I'm sure a good few of these have already been suggested before, but I think that giving raiders a more varied supply of equipment would make individual battles more fun and interesting. Some ideas are below:

Nets - Close range, somewhat common, secondary weapon (Raiders can hold a gun as well). Raiders can throw a net onto a colonist if they get close enough (A bit out of hand-to-hand range) and, if nobody is presently shooting at them, will attempt to drag the colonist off. While under a net, a colonist will be unable to move until they get it off (Not sure how long it should take). Other colonists can be ordered to help them, halving the time until the net is removed.
(If colonists can pick these up from dead raiders who had them, it might allow a better way of capturing raiders in the late-game when weapons do a lot of damage. Could also be substituted for a stun gun with similar properties.)

Drills - Very close range, somewhat rare, primary weapon (Raiders cannot hold a gun as well, but can hold secondary weapons like nets and grenades). Raiders can use these to quickly break through walls or mine into structures.

Riot Shield - Medium rarity. A gun can be used, but taking one out un-equips the shield. Provides constant cover in the direction the user is facing until destroyed. Raiders using these would probably have a shotgun as well, so they could run up without taking as much damage and get in some close-range shots. Could also be useful for moving from cover to cover.

Mines - Rare, secondary weapon. Less of a direct combat move and more as a danger for after the battle is over, raiders can place down mines on the battlefield. They would work similarly to blasting charges, able to destroy walls and rock and such, but would also be activated when walked over; this means that colonists would have to be extra careful moving around the area for a while after a battle. Mines could be given away by a red blink every few seconds, but there would be a danger of an incapacitating or deadly explosion if a colonist without a high science skill went to disarm it.

Medkit - Rare, secondary weapon. Raiders using medkits would hang back, potentially with long-range weapons. If a raider was critically wounded they would attempt to get to the injured person and use the medkit on them, restoring some health after a few seconds of potential danger. Medkit raiders would no doubt be important targets to take out first, making long-range weapons even more critical.

In addition, I think that grenades and molotov cocktails should be made 'secondary' weapons, allowing a colonist or raider to use a gun as well. They should probably have limited amounts, too, if they don't already.
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