Cataphract's Workshop (Current WIP: Improvised Weapons)

Started by Cataphract, October 08, 2015, 09:58:57 AM

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Hi there, I'm Cataphract and I'm quite new to Rimworld modding and this community in general so I'm gonna be using this thread to post my WIP mods, textures, and all that stuff. I'd really appreciate it if you could try out these mods and tell me what you think! Any sort of comments, suggestions, constructive criticism or bug-checking would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Improvised Weapons: This mod adds several new firearms that can be crafted at the smithing bench at a relatively cheap price. These weapons are effective but are quickly outstripped by their superior counterparts. This mod will expand your offensive options in the early game, while doing the same for raiders and pirates. (Click here for the Combat Realism version.) To be added: A new manned turret and several craftable explosive weapons.

  • Extended Vanilla Firearms: This mod adds 10 new weapons to the game; 8 gunpowder firearms and 2 charge rifle-tier weapons. They will be found on raiders and in the inventories of trading ships. (Click here for the Combat Realism version.) To be added: Nonlethal weaponry. (Credit to Alistaire's Rimfire mod for providing the firing sound for the grenade launcher; will record my own in the finished version of this mod.)


  • Advanced Armaments: This mod will add a new tier of weapons placed between the vanilla firearms (which will include superior versions of those added in EVF) and charge/mechanoid tier weapons, which are called 'advanced ballistics'. For a frame of reference, think of the mildly futuristic weapons found in recent shooters like Call of Duty: Black Ops II or Advanced Warfare. In addition this mod will add armor and equipment (combat armor, exoskeletal frames) with a similar flavor.
  • Gear up!: This mod will add a variety of tools and accessories meant to aid your colonists in building and maintaining their settlement, from the humble axe to the powerful personal ancillary device.



I've updated the sprites in Improvised Firearms and released a version compatible with Combat Realism! Also I've edited the intro post.


Wow, these are really awesome! I was just looking for some improvised weapons. Can't wait to see the new and advanced ones.
Back in the olden days...


Hi, just posting to give a quick status update! I've put off adding the new explosives and turrets to the Improvised Weapons module and instead focused on making content for all three weapon families. Almost all the additional Enhanced Vanilla Weapons are ready to go (along with the appropriate Combat Realism patch), so expect that soon!


Have yourself an update! I've done a quick touch-up to the textures (thanks to skullywag for the trick) and the first installment of Expanded Vanilla Firearms has been uploaded! Any feedback or comments are welcome!

The sounds used in this mod are all vanilla sounds, with the exception of the grenade launcher whose sound comes from Alistaire's Rimfire mod, as noted above.


hi, I really like the idea of this mod -it's awesome!- however I noticed both of the combat realism links seem to be broken


how are these mods going? thinking of releasing them anytime soon?