[A14] Community Core Library v0.14.3.1

Started by RWCCLTeam, October 20, 2015, 12:08:13 PM

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Sooo... about that "A16 won't come out before CCL does" thing...


Quote from: Psychology on December 20, 2016, 05:45:28 PM
Sooo... about that "A16 won't come out before CCL does" thing...

That was'nt said by any CCL dev so that's irrelevant ;)

Anyway we're still here and waiting for any update,
We wont let CCL die this easily,
To ForsakenShell, Skully, the allmigthy Kaptain, especially Zhentar for the ILSpy thingy and all the others contributors to CCL, keep up the pace, we'll be right there when it's completed.

You know the silent majority here can't or won't code for shit, so we rely on you for the hard work, but we can still help by reporting bugs on the Git page!


I suppose the question now becomes is an A15 release worth it or should the jump be made directly to A16.

That will probably depend on how much of the remaining work on A15 is still applicable to A16 or how much has to be changed again.


Its good to be patient for things. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


I'm a software engineer (albeit one with limited time) and I'd be more than happy to contribute to the code base, especially if it means getting CCL up to A16. I've not worked with rimworld mods before and was hoping someone already committing to the CCL repo could point me to a good place to start?


I'm a software engineer too and have some time to contribute.


As far as I know, a15 and a16 don't differ much code-wise. All the massive changes were at the world level, maps still work basically the same. An a15 version would be most of the way to an a16 version.


Regardless of what has changed between A15 and A16 I have had a lack of testers for the A15 release of CCL which means that things have been slow for CCL.  It basically got halted when I ran into a strange issue and the only person who did help test couldn't reproduce it.

Anyway, CCL will end up jumping straight to A16 it seems but it also may go on a bit of a diet.
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I don't recall you ever asking for testers. You gave the impression you just didn't have time to fix the bugs preventing release.


Probably because I ask modders in the modding Slack/Discord.  They're the ones who will discover the errors in a library for modders and mods since the errors would only be visible or detectable by modders using CCL in their mods.  ;)  Without any mods using CCL how would one know if there was a bug in it?  :P

That being said, CCL has example mods that come with the modders release which are used to perform basic testing and I was working on dealing with the issues revealed by those.  However, I still got zero feedback from modders from the first pre-release I put out more than two months ago.

At this point it seems that I was only doing this for myself and the small handful of people who wanted it for the tweaks.
(2*b)||!(2*b) - That is the question.
There are 10 kinds of people in this world - those that understand binary and those that don't.

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I swear I've seen several replies in threads here asking for any help with CCL. I'm no modder nor do I have any knowledge in that field, so the best I could ever do is offer user feedback, but I've never really had any issues with mods yet. And I haven't touched A14-15. At this point I can only offer a solid two thumbs up to the whole community here.  :)


Does the CCL team have any ETA on the Alpha 16 release?


Are you guys still working on CCL? Because the git-hub repo hasn't been updated since august?


you should check the A15 branch. Its been updated much more recently than that.
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Hi !

I have free time to help with debugging CCL on A15.

Is there are any way to reproduce that hard bug, which prevented mod release on A15 ?

Just compiled mod, runned on A15 my old save game -- and all works
(play using only CCL-vanila mod and CCL-Tweaks)