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Started by Fluffy (l2032), November 18, 2015, 06:20:55 PM

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Fluffy (l2032)


hey i have a suggestion, for hunting- maybe have a button too cancel the hunting designation on animals that leave the area, so that way a animal that may have wandered into your hunting area, only too wander out of it much later, doesent cause your colonists too go walking for days too find it and kill it.


Hey Fluffy

Love the mod, was using it fine then tried the work tab mod, they didn't work together, no bit issue took the work tab mod off and now there are no tabs on the colony manager.

any help much appreciated



Hey fluffy just a nice mod altogether. Great work! A14 works.


I'm having a problem where my diseased colonists will prioritize things (like hunting, butchering, etc that I assign from Colony Manager) over Bed Rest, even though I have Bed Rest set to priority 1. Am I doing something wrong, or is this an issue with Colony Manager? Is it fixable?


What kind of disease? I'm asking because not all diseases require constant bed rest.


Oh, I wasn't aware of that! I believe it was fibrous mechanites and gut worms


Quote from: Ryralane on July 22, 2016, 01:29:39 PM
Oh, I wasn't aware of that! I believe it was fibrous mechanites and gut worms

Neither of those require your pawns to stay in bed. They can work normally. They do need regular treatments, so just take care of it whenever that time comes.

I personally don't even use meds with those diseases (unless I have loads of herbal medicine laying around and don't feel like micro-ing), don't think they help at all, think you just have to suffer through a long random number of treatments.


I'd like to chip in on a controversial topic....

PLEASE add a mining tab. I know this has been on the table before and you decided not to include it for fears of having pawns accidentally compromise the colony's perimeters, but I honestly don't think this is a good enough reason to exclude this feature. Not everyone uses mountains for colony protection, and regardless I think the player should be trusted with the judgement to decide whether automatic or manual mining would be most suitable in their particular circumstances.

Technically, it seems straightforward. As you yourself have pointed out before, the mining tab would probably work very much alike the woodcutting tab, except flagging the nearest visible instances of desired ores instead of trees.

A very nifty extra feature would be if you could set the manager up to automatically begin strip mining (i.e simply mining tunnels in a grid pattern through the rock) nearby mountains in search for ores once a desired ore type is no longer visibly available . This would of course radically increase the chances of infestations spawning, so it should be possible to deactivate this feature.

Manual mining is mildly interesting the first couple of times you do it, but after so many playthroughs it eventually, like manual hunting and woodcutting, becomes more and more tedious and an annoying distraction.

The recent interaction of the mineable components drives this point home even stronger, since there's now yet another critical resource to keep running out of due to insufficient micromanagement.

Fluffy (l2032)

The problem with auto-mining, and why I held off on it, is that you may inadvertently open new routes into your base. This is even worse since auto-mining would be very hands-off and hard to notice. It's going to be a right pain in the arse if raiders suddenly have a backdoor right into your hospital, or your carefully heated base is suddenly outdoor.

The solution to the above would be to either be somewhat smart about mining (not easy, and in the case of opening areas, cheaty), or have the player designate certain areas as (not) allowed to be mined. I'm still not sure either of these solutions is satisfactory.

Then again, I've had quite a few requests, so I might consider it. Thanks for the feedback!


If you implemented a Auto Mining aspect, could it use something similar to the No Cleaning Please mod? Where you select it like a Home area, but specific to mining? Just a thought, not sure how that would work myself.


As I wrote in my original post, I understand the reasoning behind not having it, but I really think the decision whether or not to use it should be left to the player. As I pointed out, far from all players rely on mountains to protect their base perimeter. For those that do, just a warning to be careful when using this feature on the tab should be enough, or, as you suggested, a way to declare areas as no go to zones for mining.

I realized there's one difference between woodcutting and mining though, and that is that mining yields multiple different materials rather than just one. One way to handle this would be to create different bills for different materials, but this leaves the priority between different materials open, and miners are likely to dig up whatever is closest to the colony first. Ideally there should be some way to define an order of priority between materials, so that the quota for the first material in fulfilled before ores of the next one are even flagged for mining. Maybe simply allow a bill to not be processed until the one before it in the list is completed?

I'm a programmer myself and could maybe help out with this if you lack the time. I've never worked on a DLL-based Rimworld mod before but I'm sure I could get up to speed fairly quickly.


Well that went so-so. I tried getting Colony Manager to compile in both SharpDevelop and Visual Studio Community, but both failed. SharpDevelop choked on the lambda expressions in the source code for some reason, and VS apparently compiles against a different (later?) version of the API. What sort of development environment do you have setup to compile this project?


could someone please explain to me the difference between the very basic manager table all the way up to the AI one. Seems to be the same to me or am I missing something.



The biggest difference that I know of is the actual software you run on it. So, with the basic desk you don't have a computer and thus cannot run any software. With the standard desk you can run management software to monitor power, for example. The AI one has the most advanced software that doesn't require operators (managers) but can occasionally develop self-awareness to add a few flavour events to your game.

I'm sure Fluffy will be able to expand on this.