Ammo and movement

Started by Kerlejt, January 23, 2016, 01:41:15 AM

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I agree with my ideas can not be taken into account!
I would like to implement the limited ammunition, balancing wear guns and shooting time ...
Honestly I am a faithful follower of rimworld and I feel like more realism, I feel the desire of the use of a table at production bases to manufacture new materials implemented your own ammunition depending on the caliber.
Which pulls a key role in the battlefield ... ... Imagine:

-Robos With limited ammo (if they run will require bringing the melee attack or flee) Tando grenades and rifles.
-at Decomizar can kill or capture the remaining ammunition steal enemies.
-Charger Limited by gun and recharge according to their ability.
-Buy Or sell ammunition on the market ... (bales of different materials, according to the quality of the weapon and the ammunition material damage estimated by shooting) ...
Offshoots open to other personalities!
-More Difficulty (is what everyone is looking at rimworld ... (another incentive for cooperative multiplayer''posible'') ...

and vehicles or vans, bicycles or walking ... Some system to move around the different squares on the map, either to visit the neighboring colonies or colonies assaulting pirates ... (with a system of generating random colonies half game to replace those that are erased from the map) ...


He also had the idea of a production table ... that is something like a workshop where you can create your own prostheses, which only replace the lost body parts, no bonus, and very expensive price of resources, requiring high skill level, (indirectly inviting the player to buy it in the market, which would save large amounts of requirements by simply exchanging silver)

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A few mods has some of the things that you're looking for. - Combat Realism
Definitely makes the game more "difficult" by having more realistic and lethal gunplay. And it has plans for guns to use ammo, but it's not yet implemented though. - Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Adds a variety of prosthetics into the game and allows you to make them along with bionics.

Other than that, craftable prostheses will probably be added to the game sometime in the future.
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If its added at some point it should be a difficulty that makes it more realistic or a toggle that changes gun damage and puts ammo to a limited amount that can be bought, to bring a bit more difficulty to the player!


I like the idea of the developers of these mods, and his plans for the future ... I try later ... there are mods that should be implemented in the game know ? ...
It is people who have good ideas and suggestions that are usually expressed in the development of these contents.

like interface mod for example, should be part of the game because not only does it facilitate more comfortable when you have 80 settlers while for example, and it obcional and modifiable in options !

Furthermore the modification of damage per shot ... that of increasing by realism ... not convince me at all!