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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Quote from: Manslay on August 11, 2014, 02:42:44 AM
6. Ability to burn the trash.
By thrash I mean unused clothes, which are quite annoying sometimes in later stages.
Also it would be a nice option to melt weapons to metal (why not?).
The crematorium would be excellent if it also acted as an incinerator.  Another option would be something similar to a grave, but for burning things.  And while we're on that subject, it would be cool to see a campfire for cooking at some point, even if it's limited to simple meals, takes longer, and requires wood for fuel.


Flanking - when behind an enemy, 1.5x accuracy and damage.
Quote from: Douglas AdamsIt is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.


Be able to designate tables to hold certain items. On top of that, be able to make thinner tables like 1X1,1X2,1X3 for "end tables".

I'd like to have hospitals with medkits on iron tables


If a colonist with the 'cannibal' trait is assigned to be a cook and there's nobody in the room with him, he will occasionally butcher up a dead body and put it into the meal regardless of what you're telling him to cook. Non-cannibal colonists who eat it will get a -5 "Something tastes off" penalty, but as long as nobody sees it they're won't get the "ate human flesh" modifier.
Quote from: Douglas AdamsIt is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.


When there's an order to haul stone blocks and then a follow up order to build something in the same square as that to-be-hauled stone block the order gets canceled when the stone is moved out of the way for construction, or if there's been construction in that square.

Can that not happen? It is a bit annoying having to reselect stone to be hauled after construction,



Perhaps a research like, "Burrying cable" which give cables just enough health to not be destroyed when a mortar hits it.


Body bags- temporary graves that last up to 2 weeks before rotting from the inside, reducing morale.

Hidden gun emplacements. A seemingly peaceful shed, then a machine gun opens up from inside, straight into you. Surprise Attacks

Textiles customising clothes and building your own with a wooden mill for muffalo's wool to be turned into cotton, shearing done at butchers/modded table.

tanning would be like this, with hides as a byproduct of butchering, and a tanners workshop (special table) as the mill

Lost Cause

Plants illuminated by a sun lamp should grow 24 hours a day. Alternatively sun lamps shouldn't use power at night.
It just seems silly to me that plants that are growing inside a mountain are still effected by the day/night cycle despite never seeing the sun while you have to provide crazy amounts of power to keep a sun lamp running 24 hours a day.
It doesn't matter how many arms a colonist has as long as one of them is a Minigun!


what about an armored stone wall?
or an armored stone embrasure?

i know i could probley do both in less then 4 hours but i woulden't know what i need to include with it if i wanted to distribute it as a mod


Hello all,

Concrete floors should be able to afford protection to ground power cables

Colonists should have a class such as a "roboticist" that can rewire cyborgs to be colonists or friendly NPCs.. perhaps this is complex as they would have different mood traits. Either way if this is supposed to be a futuristic colony sim then I am surprised that there are no cyborg options at embark.

Allow reinforcement of roofs to better withstand mortar attacks

Construction of "fortifications" a la DF, that you can shoot over but cannot pass.

Natural disasters... perhaps also complex.

EMP weapons other than the grenades

Silver mining

Can you convert some of the food plants to be seen as a health kit for healing? As if they are healing herbs...

I have more for the complex ideas thread, but you are hopefully already thinking of many of them (such as multiple z-levels, mating/children)

Thanks for the game!


This should be rather cheap to do.

Allow us to choose how often the game autosaves in the options.



How about the ability to prioritize sleeping and eating? It's annoying when, during a siege, you want to sortie and kill the pirates, but your colonists are half-awake or half-hungry, and the trip is too long to go on an empty stomach.

This way you could get your colonists to sleep and feast, then head out to battle all full and awake.


Maybe a wall light for underground bases or street lamp type thing for streets for your colonies streets. Also maybe a trench, bunker or anything that could be used to protect your colonists more effectively from mechanoids. Lastly maybe reprogram or create your own mechanoids or droid things.


1. Psychic drone negating tower that requires mechanoid parts to build.
2. When below the 'mental break line', a timer starts until the actual break instead of it happening instantly. With a warning about this as well.
3. Gas weapons and grenades. (Maybe built off of fire mechanics but way more self-limiting.)
4. Gas-masks.
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