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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Some kind of flooring (like a reskin of concrete or tile) that's worse than the 67% movespeed of sand and soil. Mud? Uneven flooring? "Rough terrain"? Would be more ethical, less effective, and a hell of a lot easier to set up than sandbag waffles or hydroponics mazes.

Double beds that give 10/10 resting efficiency, bumping beds and sleeping places down a few notches.

Comm beacon / radio broadcaster. Reskin of drop beacon, increases chance of trader events but increases raider waves too (maybe it counts as a turret or a few turrets for the purposes of calculating raider numbers?)

Some kind of wall that doesn't form a roof (Fence, I guess). I want to expose my prisoners to the elements.


Some way to remove thin ceilings both metal and rock would be great to have instead of relying on collapsing and having to deal with all the rubble.


I'd like to be able to place all those rocks that are currently nothing more than a hauling nuisance into specific places on the map.  They seem to give a much better defensive bonus than sandbags, so i'd like to be able to place them in strategic locations as defensive structures.

Maybe add a random bullet bounce effect to them to make using them a tad more risky than Sandbags that tend to gobble up and stop bullets, but they are a hell of a lot more durable and can take a ton more punishment before turning to gravel.


Definitely like the idea of placing rocks where I want to place them.
Also, I think some kind of fire supression system for buildings would be great.


A way to export the entire map as an image in game would be really useful. I know there's other ways to take screenshots but not really any good way to get the entire map without having to stitch it together.


What about a quick restart option? Say you wind up screwed over but you really liked the map you had and wanted another go at it.


So the normal way a raider seems to spawn on the map is he's dropped out of thin air from drop pods.
How about a way from raiders to spawn at the edge of the map.


Ive searched around and didn't find a similar post besides the common "different walls" my suggestion is perhaps using rock/rubble as a resource and use that to build a "standard" wall that can be used for defensive purposes and wont auto-roof and wont supply power?


will there be better food ? i think the colonists would be very happy to be able to enjoy a nice big juicy mofalo steak with potatoes. i know there are "cooking" abilities so that, i bet, will be coming soon enough.

yet here is my idea.
the ability to brew alcohol. and the behavioral effects it has on people.

you speak of "cheap ideas". well i think this should be in the range of possibilities. colonists not walking straight, shooting less straight than usual, becoming violent and obnoxious, and the effects of hangovers  -20

how about also:
the possibility to grow hemp for materials n such? of course,  some of the colonists might get high every now and then ? cause you know, not ALL plants are male... SOME are female. so SOME of the colonists could get high... with some it could have benefits like becoming creative and philosophical or question authority, with others it could negative impacts like wandering off and finding one of them bomrats a bit too cute, or get lazy while mining out a mountain.

i just saw, you, the maker of this game, are planing on implementing police. as alcohol and hemp/weed like substances would be great for trading n such, that would go great with the police part.

also, i would find it very interesting, id i did not need to arrest every single person walking by. couldnt they just find it oh so beautiful and comfy at my colony that they volunteer to live there?

either way... i freakin love this game already and cant wait to see it evolve


Cheap idea is something that can be done under 4 hours?

Here goes:

  • Turret -> Copy -> Paste
  • Remove gun
  • Add searchlight
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How about a poll of the current suggestions, the top five make it into the next release?


Power lines embedded in cave walls, they no longer take up space on the floor but the take a bit more time to build


Is EMP grenades out of theme with rimworld?


- Pre-set points where your settlers will try to get to once you've drafted them would be wicked. Saves users having to click x points for x settlers. It's a bit cumbersome to have to click their spots individually, pre-setting them as a series of rally points would be excellent.

- More research options, even on higher difficulty settings I run out of improvements pretty quickly.

- Would love to research something to deal with the insane amount of debris I end up with after 30+ days. On smaller maps it can get some what annoying. Could be linked to research.

- Some way to deal with a cache of weapons I don't have the colonists for. I'm playing with the new AI and haven't had a whole lot of colonists but have survived an insane amount of raids. With a mega collection of guns now and a no ship able to buy (most of) the lot I have stored... it's a backlog of weaponry.

- Outside batteries, greatly reduced capacity but still able to charge a/two turret/s without shorting in the ran. I like to keep my power supplies separate between weapons and colony buildings. It'd be nice to have something charging them up without having to build a battery shed for it. Could even add a new behavour to the raiders, make them target the batteries and disable the turrets they supply. The player adds sandbags and a rally point to cover that angle of attack.

- Since so many of us like building into the rock, maybe add a heating element to rooms to increase personal happiness. I live in a place made out of tile and concrete, it gets insanely cold. Without carpets and a heater I would have moved back to Canada years ago. I figure the colonists would be experiencing the same thing. Rooms without the improvements could add a debuff of 'Can't feel my damn feet' and lower happiness.

- Add someone with the therapist skill, to help with those colonists feeling the burden of being on a alien world fighting off attack after attack after attack. Limitation to it could be that they can only use the skill on 2-3 people every few days. Therapists could be more likely to just walk out into the desert and need to be arrested and treated like a prisoner for a few days.

- Radar, doesn't have to display anything UI wise but having it researched means your comms center will let you know several hours earlier that raid parties are descending. Rather than you discovering them only after they've hit the soil.

- Being able to make something, preferably food wise, out of the animal life. That way there's less reliance on just farms/food tables. Maybe make them a tiny bit happier than food paste or maybe just help improve the current food paste .

- Being able to set turrets to stun or disable mode would also be useful. As I mentioned I am playing the new AI and keep getting some pretty brutal raids. Even without my turret defense, they seem to come pretty well armed. So I'm almost always stuck having to slaughter them oppose to capturing any new people.

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I got the Pirate tier and looked at the  prototype pack when i looked at SpaceColonyGame.(rimworld first look :) ). Now one thing i like about it was  Create character menu witch u can make your colonist with a menu of back-stories, this would add some choice in the game then just random colonist. plus u can add more back-stories and still have the random to make a quick one.                                             
                                                                              thank you
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