Loss of goodwill when killing a berserking friendly who attacked me first

Started by asanbr, December 06, 2015, 11:13:08 AM

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I've had something similar happen:
- A group of folk from one faction turn up on a visit.
- One of their number goes berserk.
- They attack and kill the berserker (none of my colonists nor defences did anything).
- I suffer a relations drop.

Although I can kinda understand a relations drop if you killed one of theirs irrespective of the circumstances it makes no sense to take a relations hit if they attack and kill one of their own while I'm only a bystander.


While I do agree with Milon, my personal opinion is if people want to exploit and cheat, they can. Shouldn't stop change from the fair players.


Quote from: asanbr on January 05, 2016, 11:14:00 AM
This is already possible as is, if you just let them starve to death. They sometimes drop lots of cash too.

hmm, I think that you should not lose goodwill when you kill a berserking pawn, I'll think about it


Just looked at the code, and the goodwill is not affected if the killed pawn is berserking. So I'm not sure what happened here, maybe accidental friendly fire?


It could've been a stray shot, or perhaps the berserker ended berserking while the bullet was in flight.

It's not optimal but I'm willing to leave these edge cases unaddressed. If there's a real bug here I hope we'll get more repro info for it later.

Thanks for the info everyone.
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