I last played A9. How the game has changed now.

Started by Vonholtz, April 28, 2016, 02:08:15 AM

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I had been away from the game sense A9. And I thought this game was great then. Now this game is just so much better. Few weeks back i was watching a YouTuber who was looking for a new game to do a let play set of video on. So I suggested Rimworld. I had a lot of fun playing it. So I thought I had not played in some time. Let me see what alpha the game was on. WoW I love how much it has changed. A lot of the mod I like have been added in to the game. And the new layout of the game is much easier to use. Keep up the good work. Now I am off to to see what of the old mods I used and that are not part of the game are up to date with A13. Cheers and have fun all.


I started at A9 with and without mods. I have played every version since with and without various mods. Some great mods just died and no longer exist. But yeah the vanilla game has become legendary. I already really love Rimworld as it is. I know it has a lot of bugs and does need tweaking and some new content but I like it over a lot of other games that I would classify in the same genera. Each new Alpha adds even more amazing things but also breaks and causes new issues. It's like taking five steps forward and one or two steps backward. A13 is the most stable release I have seen out of the gate. So much that no hotfix was even needed.

P.S The whole bugs and each Alpha taking five steps forward and one or two backwards is not at all a real negative. It's just how ANY game like this is developed and can't be helped. In fact it's a compliment because most games of this genera take two steps forward and one step backward making so little progress.
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