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Started by XeoNovaDan, June 17, 2018, 03:18:29 PM

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Should be safely addable to and removable from existing savegames. TE will also work fine with turret mods that don't use it, in fact doubling as a QoL mod.

TE naturally won't be compatible with Combat Extended, and also won't work with Beta 18.

If using Humanoid Alien Framework by erdelf, load this after.

There are no other known incompatibilities.

- when 1.0 officially releases

Turret Extensions (TE) is a combination of two things: a tool for modders which allows them to create better turret mods, and a quality of life improvement for those who use a lot of turret mods. Naturally, any mod that uses any of TE's framework extensions will need to have TE active in the load order since it's a dependency.

The quality of life improvements introduced by Turret Extensions include being able to see a full list of a turret's stats when inspecting it, and also the ability to view more information on turret ammunition such as mortar shells. A demonstration:

On the framework side of things, TE currently allows for the following:

  • Proper manned turrets that factor in their operator's stats
    • Customizable shooting accuracy for turrets
      • Automatic turrets that can be manually aimed

      For information on how to use the framework extensions by Turret Extensions, I have written some documentation (also proofread by Diana Winters). Click here to view it.

      Planned additions:

      • The ability for manned turrets to modify the operator's accuracy when in use
        • The ability to implement turret upgrades

        Powered by the Harmony Patch Library.

        Big thanks to Mehni, erdelf, Lanilor, ChJees and Spdskatr for helping me with the C#!
        Pardeike (AKA Brrainz) - for making the Harmony Patch Library - this probably wouldn't have been possible without his work
        Diana Winters - for proofreading the documentation

        If you want to contribute towards this project then make a fork the GitHub repository. Before going through the effort to actually make any changes though, please discuss them with me first. Pull requests with changes that are undiscussed will be left until discussion, and pull requests with changes that I stated aren't necessary will be denied.


Updated to v1.0b

* Fixed an issue where harmony log files would be created
* Renamed to Turret Extensions


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This thread is old and should be ignored at this point honestly. 1.0b can be found if you scroll very far down on the 'releases' page of GitHub, but it has missing features and also bugs.


oh im so sorry i thought v1.0b was the newest version... so v1.2.3b is the latest and its still for B19 yes? but why with the "[1.0]" though
Check out my mod: Definitely More Cannons


It is for B19, yes. This is tagged with [1.0] because I made this thread during unstable for what would be B19, but I've stopped updating all of my mods' individual threads in favour for keeping them all centred at https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=29503


I have no idea how, but it works!!!