[a16]Realistic Hospital Beds mod

Started by Jakub k., December 23, 2016, 07:59:35 AM

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Jakub k.

simple mod i created after i realised that bed quality doesnt affect immunity gain rate..which is stupid as other than rest gain,whats the point in making higher quality beds.

i tried to make it as realistic (relative to core game content) as possible so it'll only improve your experience a little.

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thx for the mod man, it's  a good idea ..  testing right now :D


in the mods list, it's inked in red and says 'Unknown version'.


don't worry, he forgot to add version to it. it works fine.

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Quote from: cammillotto on December 23, 2016, 09:50:36 AM
in the mods list, it's inked in red and says 'Unknown version'.

That can easily be fixed by just adding the line <targetVersion>0.16.1393</targetVersion> immediately under the <url></url> line with a good xml editor like Notepad+.


put this on steam. bet people would definitely download it
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Somwhat of a necro, but I tried this mod, and while it works, the way its done affects every building with quality, I now have Table, benches, even normal beds with increased immunity gain. Is there a way to change this?
I figgured it out, I just had to add "<showIfUndefined>false</showIfUndefined>" in the immunity gain part

Jakub k.

I tried fixing it, but the quality applies to all furniture, but i don't think it'll actually alter the colonist if they stand on said object. Other than the inconvenience of having one more stat showing it should not cause issues