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Started by asquirrel, October 15, 2016, 08:53:53 PM

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Wow.  I haven't had such a reaction to a game ending since the original Walking Dead.  We only had enough resources for six cryo pods.  Lots of people got left behind and I kind of felt the original settlers deserved to go more than the late recruits.  So the music was playing and I was thinking about Firefly series and the great music from the movie, Heavy Metal.  And some Phantasm. :)  Man, the ending music you put in was perfect. It was sad I had to leave most of the colony behind but it was time to go and we couldn't wait a long time to gather enough resources for everybody. 

The end screen was kind of weird.  Like Doom 1.  Just a wall of text. And when I hit escape I went back to see my original colonists, then I quit the game. 

I know, it's still in alpha and the ending will improve.  I think the next revision should be once you leave the planet, you should have the option to bring the colonists to a new world.  The new world could be randomly generated in terms of topography or the user could pick it. 

Anyway, Tyan you made yourself quite the cool game.  Heads above the rest of the games out there.  I'm glad you took a chance on it and shared your vision with the rest of us. :)

And a big thanks go out to all the modders of this game.  Your ideas and modding really make this rough diamond shiny.  Yes, I said shiny.  It just popped into my head. No pun intended.  Going to watch some Firefly now.  Darn corporations not renewing the series.  I hope they are attacked by Mechanoids and the giant insects with no escape. :)

I did the baby temperate forest for this win.  What geoscape do I try next? :)


I liked your review. You should try the frozen tundra, with some mountains perhaps. Bring something warm 'cause it's gonna be cold!


Thanks Poolday!  Frozen tundra it is!! :)


I experienced the same when I finished the game for the first time  ;)

On its current state, Tynan has done a masterpiece.


Quote from: asquirrel on October 16, 2016, 09:39:19 AM
Thanks Poolday!  Frozen tundra it is!! :)

You are very easily influenced.


Frozen Tundra, Permadeath Extreme.

Instead of thanking Tynan, you'll have a cursed voodoo doll with his name on it  ;D


Instead of dying in the arctic, is there another biome I should try next? :)


Depends on the difficulty you're looking for. Arid Desert and Temperate Forest seem to be the easiest imo. The Jungle is easy too but there's much more diseases to deal with. Boreal Forest is a bit more difficult than temperate and then it's Extreme Desert > Frozen Tundra > Ice Sheet.

Each is different. If you're new to the game I would say pick one of the easier ones you havent played yet and work downwards.

Or you could always randomize your drop point until you find one that is acceptable to you.
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