First playthrough

Started by daremra, September 16, 2013, 04:02:17 PM

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Hey there,

I've just finished my first playthrough so I'll just put some things here now, when the experience is still fresh...

First off, the game is much more playable than I would have thought for a pre-alpha.
It didn't crash and I encountered only one real bug. I enjoyed it very much, thank you.

So, here's the stuff that made me wonder the most:

- The background story parts seem a bit too random. Midworld Nerd and Hiveworld don't fit one character, I think.
- When I captured a wounded pirate I couldn't tell my soldier where to go. So right through the fire he went. He dropped the pirate who then burnt do death...sad.
- It would be awesome if you could show us the number of days the food stock will approximately last. The amount itself is not very helpful.
- Why do they have to dump rocks and dead squirrels on the dumping ground?
Why not just remove that stuff? It seems a bit pointless.
- I couldn't figure out how to give a pistol from one settler to another.
- I had researched the indoor food thingie but couldn't get it to grow. I put a 600W lamp in the same room but it would still say that I needed light to grow something.
- With all the fires going on, the game got really slow at some point. I don't have the fastest PC but it's not slow either. Also, when zooming out, the fires would vanish, I guess that is intentional.

I couldn't figure out what needs to be connected with the power grid thingie. Lights seemed to work without the grid but the turrets didn't. Do rooms transfer power or do I need a connection?
How do batteries work? Do I need to connect them to everything that needs power as well?
My batteries were fully loaded but the equipment would only use it sometimes at night (as far as I could tell).
It'd be great if there was a "global" power meter or something. I had no idea how many batteries and collectors I should build.
Does it make sense to put light indoors?

Everything was on fire way too often. Boomrats exploded to fire, nice but pretty difficult to manage at the beginning.
My little dudes loved running through fire. Must be some kind of new fetish. And because route-finding is automatic I couldn't directly tell them not to do that.
The fire also burnt all my crops. My colony was really unlucky, I guess.

I'm looking forward to my next session :)


About the electricity, walls transfer power and will power any device in the proximity, about 4-5 squares, I'd say. The standing lamp don't transfer electricity either.