Possible River Generation in the new 16A update

Started by Kolljak, November 05, 2016, 11:58:01 PM

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Title is self explanitory i was wondering if tynan can program some sort of rivers system into the game so that we could have small channels of water generate on our Tile sets so we can say... build a tribe on the river and defend from raids on the otherside. rivers of varying size. i want to make a Egypt type town out of sandstone in tribal. its really the only thing missing in land generation. FYI i think the new world is amazing.


I like the idea, in theory. I think moving water would need to be implemented for it to be a proper river. Right now Coastal maps can kind of get away with plopping water on the edge of the map (if you listen carefully you can hear the seagulls... they're not in my head, i swear), but a river needs to be active, or it's just a really stretched-out lake.

Moving water, and the possibilities it offers, are something that I hope he looks at in the future.


This is something that's gonna have to wait after A16, I'm afraid.
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Edit for Tynan:

'It's not happening in alpha 16 and I'll have to look at it in future alpha patches, so I'm decidedly thinking about it, but who knows if I actually do it.'
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Quote from: Tynan on November 07, 2016, 04:13:29 PM
This is something that's gonna have to wait after A16, I'm afraid.

I hope the same is not said of boxes or a reworking of item storage similar to stonehearth. My bases always wind up being massive stockpiles .