(A16 unstable) "Do until you have X"-type bills of specific stone block types

Started by Anbalsilfer, December 13, 2016, 05:16:23 PM

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Apparently Alpha 16 has made it possible to create separate crafting bills for specific stone block types, which is wonderful. The most powerful assignment type, "Do until you have X", for these bills doesn't seem to work as intended, however, since a bill for a specific stone block type is considered fulfilled once you have X of *any* stone blocks, not just of the specified type. Ideally, a bill to "Do until you have 50" marble blocks should only be considered fulfilled once you have 50 marble blocks in your stockpiles, not a total of 50 stone blocks of any kind.

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Already reported, Tynan is looking at it.
Although one could argue this to be a feature. (should be fixed tho)

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