[A16] Well THAT Was Rude! - Pawns can decide when to hold open doors

Started by liebasam, March 19, 2017, 11:37:06 PM

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EDIT: I made a goof, please ignore.  :-[

Introduces a 'partial' setting on doors, allowing colonists to effectively hold the door for each other, and minimizing time wasted by slamming the door in someone's face. I've found that it makes stone doors more viable, since they don't need to be open/closed every single time a pawn passes through.

Available at the GitHub repo and Steam workshop page.

Feedback appreciated and encouraged! ;D

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Bug Report
The doors in this mod don't define a separation between one area as inside and another area as outside.

I attempted to build a Stonecutter's Table and was warned of an outdoor penalty. After cancelling that project, deconstructing the door, uninstalling the mod and then rebuilding the door without the mod, I built a Stonecutter's Table and received no outdoors warning.
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Good luck and good skill, it's an interesting idea for a mod.
My 5-point rating system: Yay, Kay, Meh, Erm, Bleh


Cool mod. :)

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