[1.3] [KV] Path Avoid [ModSync RW]

Started by Kiame, May 29, 2017, 12:25:25 AM

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Quote from: tiagocc0 on June 23, 2018, 05:50:23 PM
Kiame, have you checked what would have a 255 value? Maybe the game is coded in a way that a high enough value is used to determine a threat instead of just a very costly path and so using a value so high for the higher tier of this mod might not be the best since it could cause pawns to not only avoid the tile but around the tile as well. That's the only explanation I could think of.

Nah it's just a weight in the grid graph. Only difference is how 'hard' a square is to go over

Everyone is free to test out different weights for prefer/dislike/hate/strong from the mod's options->Path Avoid->Advanced. Just know you'll need to re-apply any previously placed path avoids to get the new values


Would it be hard to make a new mod or an option in your mod to increase the tick just for colonists and then make it to be configurable in the settings?

That way we could increase the 'intelligence' of the path code and probably better utilize the avoid grid.


I'm no expert in path finding. I will keep the idea in mind though


Offtop, but what does kv mean ?


heh i guess the V is not in the username on these forums. The character name in FF14 is Kiame Vivacity. Stopped playing the game a year or so again though

Some modders with many mods sign their mods with a set of (hopefully unique) characters. At a point in A17 iirc a user recommended i do the same as my mod library grew and I went with KV


I have used rainbeaus bridges over marsh and water, if i keep the bridges/path avoid built in a straight line all is usually fine, but outside of that, horizontal directions seem to throw it off at times. So my pawns walk through the marsh sometimes =/


Pretty helpful mod.

For a while, I was able to get all of my colonists to use speedy floor-based walkways (most of the time) with just the "Prefer" hints. Then I recruited two Syntho colonists, and started encountering search limit issues on the two colonists that prevented them from moving:

Gitta pathing from (169, 0, 243) to (255, 0, 154) hit search limit of 160000 cells.

Weirdly enough, removing all of the "Prefer" hints around the colonist suddenly let them move again, and once I removed all the path hints, the issue stopped occurring. Might try restoring the paths and recruiting a non-Syntho colonist to see if the issue is directly related to that mod.


what happened to the "normal" button? Why is "prefer" the default zone? Prefer was so you could make a path to take without zoning everything BUT that path as dislike.

Maybe i can fix this myself, idk.


Having Normal not be 0 and then having Prefer was in too many cases causing problems in normal pathing. I decided to set the base weight to 0. This makes "Prefer" and "Normal" one and the same. At that point i decided i liked "Prefer" more than "Normal" so "Normal" got the axe


I found normal and how it was just disabled, now im trying to see if i can manually make the default +1 (not working too well) and im trying to see if i can make an "Impassable" one. I've got it working as a setting but im having troubles figuring out how to make it so they will never take this path.

(EDIT) i also changed the names, "prefer, normal, dislike, hate, strong" doesn't make make much sense so i named it "prefer, neutral, dislike, despise, hate"


You'll need to recompile the code as the base value is hard coded in the C#.

You could set Normal to 25 then drag that and fill the entire map. That'll mimic the previous approach.

I am considering an option to allow the end-user to set the base value for all tiles in the advanced options


that would be nice, many times I've thought a "Impassable" option would be nice because even with the "strong" area over something like traps people will still sometimes go over them if another pawn is taking the correct path.

I believe i found the program that makes the base map value 0 in "PathAvoid.dll" but i have limited knowledge when it comes to programming so i don't know how i would be able to edit it. So far i can only observe it with "ildasm.exe" and "JustDecompile.exe"


As for impassable that's impossible with this mod. You have to resort to the base game's area mechanic for that