Bionics in A17

Started by Mkok, June 25, 2017, 05:02:17 AM

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I think a damaged limb for example (could happen with vital organs as well) should initially be healed normally so that blood loss and infection risk are no problems any more and then there should be a risk of a permanent injury staying and heavily affecting the limb's effectiveness.
This injury wouldn't mean a total loss though. It could be removed with difficult surgery maybe requiring a few glitterworld medpacks, needing more than just one surgery or some sort of expensive preparation (maybe taking blood preserves or tissue to transplant from elsewhere on the pawn's body prior to the main surgery?).
A smaller permanent loss of efficiency might even stay because of the limitations of medical possibilities in our colony on this Rimworld.

With this implemented, there would be a huge difference in difficulty between treating mild and heavy injuries. In return, bodyparts would only have to be completely destroyed if they were damaged by a really extreme force.

PS: This (among other things requested in this thread) could be done by a mod, couldn't it?


Some of the changes suggested would be appropriate in the scope of a mod but the basic underlying mechanic, specifically the mechanism used to choose hit locations, is pretty much buggered.  It shouldn't be anywhere near as likely to hit an individual finger as the torso, as an easy example.
Thanks, belgord!


How I farm bionic in A17.
Get a jogger pawn, install 2 bionic legs on him. Make a 1 man caravan and check out nearby settlements for trade. Usually settlements will have some in stocks (Tribe settlements may not have any bionic). It may take half a year (may be less, I only check them every half a year) for them to restock thou. If you are willing to risk addiction you can even put the pawn on gojuice/luciferium and he travel even faster. A pawn can carry enough food and silver for 1 bionic parts. If you come to a settlements and find a bunch of other parts you want, you may use transport pod to send in more money. Bring some Thrumbo horn/AI persona core/Yayo if you intend to buy more parts without using the transport pod.
Oh one more thing, send the pawn out in the morning after breakfast, that way he will start off fully rested, making the trip more efficient.


Quote from: Mday on July 04, 2017, 04:36:44 AM
How I farm bionic in A17.
Get a jogger pawn, install 2 bionic legs on him.


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