Rimword Round Robin is now modded and A17

Started by minimurgle, June 18, 2017, 02:57:30 PM

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Rimworld round robin is now at A17. If you wish to join we manage it from the this discord https://discord.gg/ZJTatPT

If you don't know what a round robin game is. It's where one person starts a save, plays for a certain amount of time, then passes it on to the next player or a manager (who will pass it on. This is what we will be doing)


Rules and Info
Some people may not have seen the first post so here are some rules and info, which have been expanded upon in the discord.

  • We are currently playing on Cassandra rough in Arid Shrublands.
  • The current growing season is 20 days.
  • Turns should be 15 in game days but we will understand if you overshoot a day or two.
  • You have 3 real life days to complete your turn. Extensions can be made if necessary.
  • If you can't make your turn please let me or a moderator, on the discord, know and we can bump you back a few turns.
  • If you completely miss your turn without saying anything it will be assumed that you are no longer interested and you will be removed from the list.
  • If you have been removed from the list you may redeem yourself by just asking to be put back on.
  • Each person may name 1 colonist.
  • Please don't name a colonist that someone else has named.
  • Please take notes of your time with the colony and post it in the RRR history post on the forum and put a link in the history channel in the discord.
  • While the game is not on permadeath savescumming is heavily discouraged.
  • No kill boxes please. No one will mind if you create some efficient defenses but the game is no fun for anyone if all the raids are decimated.
  • Nobody can stop you from doing what you want from the save but please refrain from doing anything that would ruin the fun for people. Launching the colony into space would be one of those.
  • Neither me nor the other moderators can keep track of everything you do. Because of this we use the honor system.

How to join

  • Click the discord link. You may need to make an account
  • After entering the discord navigate to the participation requests channel
  • Leave a single quick message there.

Q: Can we add a mod?
A: Probably not in this run, but maybe later.

Q: Can we use a mod that isn't part of the pack?
A: Absolutely not. This has the potential to break everything

Q: How can I get notified when it's my turn?
A: Through discord you can download the desktop or mobile app and turn on the appropriate notification settings.

Q: If the line get's too long will you create another group?
A: That is the plan yes. Though when that'll be is not known.

Q: Is it just me or are some of the people in the discord a little weird?
A: Nope, this discord is full of weirdos, especially that minimurgle guy.
Don't mind the questions. I'm probably just confused.



Has there already been a run, and if so is there an AAR somewhere?
Getting them boatsmurdered and Headshoots vibes. ;D


There's been a few runs, but the documentary is skewed because only a few of us actually posted our stories to the forums.


My first 15 days
Day 1:Changed someone's name to mini my Myrtle
Cause I wanna mini murgles murgles
Day 2
Built a house and farmed
Day 3 raid, I won
Day 12
Thrumbo came and attacked Jenny lost an arm and mini lost a leg, thrumbo died
Day 15
Giant raid and mini has plague


Allright, I'm first up. I haven't played Rimworld in awhile and I've never played tribal before, so this should be a !!fun!! experience for everybody. Here goes nothing!

Let's see who we have to work with here

First up we have Greg. Greg is pretty solid aside from only having negative traits. He'll be our doctor. Go Greg Go!

Next up is me. I'm good at crafting, growing, and melee. Also, everybody hates me because I'm ugly and abrasive.

Scorpion is pretty good. She's fast and a good crafter. If we train her combat skills a bit more, her speed could be very useful in combat scenarios.

Sam is sheriff material. Plain and simple. She sucks at pretty much everything except cooking, shooting, and animals. Her traits only reinforce her status as future hat.

Trogo is our best overall colonist. She's great at growing and crafting, and her green thumb will be great.

Let's not forget the pets!

Let's check out the entire map.

That building to the southwest seems like a solid structure to take refuge in. Let's get started!

Everyone decides they hate me after about five seconds. Awesome.

5 Days in, not much of interest has happened.

We've finished all the furniture in our main room, as well as a research bench. We also built a pair of rooms connected to the building. These rooms will be our future kitchen/freezer. We also have a solid rice farm going. I set up a tree farm set up too, but that's just because manually designating trees to be chopped is a pain in the ass. We were on the brink of starvation for awhile living off aguave fruits, but the great rice harvest is here, and the days of the empty tummy are over.

A man from the gods has arrived.

We thank the gods for these space clothes. Amen.

Wait, why are you naked?

Greg changed his clothes to wear the new space clothes, but somebody else took the pants. Now he's running around naked from the waist down. Great.


Bye bye yorkie. I'm uncomfortable with how close this is happening to my base though, so I'll try to take him out.

Shit! Retreat!
(Notice the dead body in the middle of the living room. That is Jim. Due to a stockpile mixup, we have a dead body rotting in the middle of our living space. I did not notice it yet at this point)

Wait, what happened to Sam?

Turns out Sam is also a weed addict and alcoholic. She just happened to go into withdrawal right now. Great.

We managed to kill the cougar. Everyone survived except for Yuuma the Yorkie. Rip Yuuma.

We have a lot of scratches from that cougar. I've heard horror stories about a17 infections. Fingers crossed.

It's about day 10 now. We had our first raider attack. Piece of cake. We captured the raider to install some peg legs and release back into the wild. I still haven't buried any of the corpses and still haven't fixed my stockpiles, so the bodies of Jim and the cougar are still rotting in the middle of the room. Nobody seems to care that much though. I started a social fight with Greg over harvesting Hall's lung. Everybody seems upset about Hall's loss of a lung, but hey, you never know when you'll need a lung.

Tensions are running high when behold! Chocolate rains from the heavens!

I finally got the bodies buried. I opted for the sarcophagus option for Jim and the cougar. Behold our village's first art!

The cougar's grave pays homage to Yuuma the yorkie. I find it rather fascinating. I would probably pay for such an amazing piece of art.

Jim's grave has nothing on the cougar's.

Day 13. We're set on food. Sam is pretty much permanently unconscious from withdrawal. Hall has been moved and is ready to be released. Stonecutting has been researched and we are currently working on researching clothes. Better clothes would help with heatwaves and temperature in general. Also, cowboy hats.

A muffalo doesn't like us. Too bad we say.

After a month of eating raw rice, we finally have a stove built. This is cause for celebration!

Suddenly, the bananaphone starts ringing. Through this hi-tech tribal communication device, we hear that Beryl Matic is in trouble! What do we do?

We decide to take Bananaphone Beryl in and offer her safe haven.

Beryl is another solid grower and also the only person in our tribe who is capable of speaking in full sentences and getting her point across. Better yet, she is wearing only shorts! As soon as she gets inside I make her change into the spare tribal outfit that we had lying around so Greg can finally stop being naked. Now you might be asking why I didn't just have Greg change into the tribal clothes. The answer to that question is that I don't know but it no longer matters because everybody is happily clothed now.

The tribespeople that were chasing Beryl attack and instantly make a beeline for Deep the monkey. Sadly, Deep is killed. The savages are easily repelled. A sarcophagus is made for Deep and engraved with the chronicle of his death.

RIP in piece Deep. You will forever have a place in our hearts.

On the fifteenth day of Aprimay, Charles Whitestone calls us on ye old bananaphone and tells us about a spaceship we can travel to. He said he knows me and that we met a long time ago. I said that I never knew a Charles whitestone, that I grew up in a hut made of sticks and mud, and that I don't even know what an "AI" is. He said he must have the wrong number then, but that if we ever figure out how to fly a spaceship, there is one we are able to go find on the other side of the continent. I thanked him for the information and checked the map of half of the world we conveniently had laying about. Turns out, this "spaceship" thing is 44 days away.

Then, the clock struck midnight, and my responsibilities passed onto the next player.


I'll be the manager for the colony for the coming season. My first act as overlor- manager is Scorpion will hereby be called Doraf.

Day 1: A 3 man pirate raid attacked they had 2 luci.

Day 2: I set up a tailoring bench and a crafting room and sold the luci the pirates dropped.
Day 3: The first hat has been made by Doraf, he is also now wearing the first hat, what an honor.
Day 5: Greg went on a daze because he saw rotting corpses, what a weakling.
Day 6: The women of the colony get a psychic sooth. I finished construction of some basic defenses.

Day 7: Saved Frenchy from angry tribals, as the tribals arrived I got raided by some more tribals...

Day 8: Greg and Doraf have been kidnapped, the tribals set fire to our rice field and ren the labrador is being burned alive.

Day 9: A squirrel went mad and mauled Togo our only doctor and he has been infected. Togo has now gone berserk attacking cubith.
Day 10: Togo has died from infection which means there is no one to feed the bedridden sam. A manhunter pack of 2 dromedary keep us pinned inside for a few days.
Day 11: Even though we are going through this trying time cubith still finds the good in him to make a superior hyperweave cowboy hat. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Day 12: Sam has starved to death.
Day 14: I built a chess table.
Day 15: An eclipse has shadowed the colony into darkness a fitting end to my turn.

2 colonist missing, 2 dead, and 3 remaining.


It's my turn and I'll say this now: I wasn't the saving grace of this tribe, the situation actually deteriorated due to the events that happened in my reign. However, 'New Tribe' is still clinging onto hope and it's not a completely lost cause just yet.

Day 1
First up, some optimisation time! I decided to haunt Bananaphone Beryl and she henceforth got my nickname. I was equipped with a wooden spear, so that's going straight away because I'd be better off unarmed than with that troll weapon. Everybody has joy time from 7-8 AM and 4-5 PM in a bid to sustain that easy +10 for tons o' joy:

I decided to cancel obedience training for the alpaca because there's nobody in this colony that's competent at animal handling, and I'd much rather put the current manpower towards finishing the expansion, resource gathering, and pounding away at research. A torch lamp has been constructed to shed some light on this grim situation.

There was an ostrich near the crops, so I had Cubith and French (whom I briefly gave a short bow) deal with that. I cancelled hunting designations on the megatherium and muffalo herd to the south since they'd go off before we had a chance to cook them all. We've stopped cooking simple meals and went back to the much longer-lasting pemmican.

Day 2
A wanderer by the name of Tona has graced our miniature populace! He's Cubith's long lost brother too.

Unfortunately he is a wimp, so he's getting the other short bow despite his strength being in melee as opposed to ranged, and ascetic could be a problem too because that means he'll prefer pemmican's ingredients as opposed to pemmican, which will have a notable effect on food efficiency. However, he is capable of doctoring, at a whopping level 0!

A bulk goods trader arrived just as everybody was heading off to catch some Zs. Cubith also now has some good quality muffalo leather tribalwear so that she no longer has to worry about all of the wrong bits hanging out for all eyes to see.

Day 3
Bought a poor quality cloth cowboy hat from the bulk goods trader, in exchange for Cubith's now 49% synthread pants, and some 21% shoddy quality pants in the storage. Also laid out some wooden flooring in the workshop and the back of the food storage area. Here's a shot of the caravan leaving, during the tribe's second joy period:

I'm not a huge fan of how the stove is in the same room as the butcher table, but it'll have to do for now. Same goes with oak trees for the wood farm because poplar trees (the most efficient tree to farm) are actually 19.5% more efficient, but the oak trees already have some growth so I might as well let them continue growing.

The rest of the day goes uneventfully.

Day 4
Our second wanderer joins, Raptor; Cassandra must really feel sorry for this colony. Unfortunately, she's incapable of doctoring, and she's greedy - but she is somewhat capable and interested in art, and she can do dumb labour. Due to her timing, she's going to be stuck on the night shift:

Tona's also trying to make moves on me, but I just shrug and casually turn him down. Well, it's his fault he got that -5 'Rebuffed by XeoNovaDan', not mine.

Late on in the night, there was a sapper raid (which I forgot to screenshot). The sapper is actually an old friend of ours: Hall, who'm Sir Cubith liberated his lung, and both of his natural legs - replaced by one peg leg. As a result, he creeps in at a tortoise's pace while the two other raiders, equipped with a 48% normal quality LMG, and a 90% shoddy quality shotgun, move over to a hill out of all places.

Day 5
The fighting continues through the night, and we eventually dispatch of the raid - but not without issues: Frenchy and myself got downed, and there's only Tona to tend to us since Cubith and Raptor absolutely refuse to patch us up and feed us. Hall's unfortunately had an accident while locked in melee; the classic case of point-blank fragging, and he resultedly blew himself up as Frenchy just manoeuvred behind him.

To make things worse, Tona decided to have a mental breakdown while patching Frenchy up, and I was in a stable condition:

The rest of the day was spent with only 40% of the colony's human population keeping themselves together.

Day 6
I died from hitting 0% consciousness as a result of my blood loss, pain, and malnutrition because there was nobody capable of feeding me, so I consequently couldn't recover. Cubith and Raptor attempted to arrest the starving, broken Tona, but he refused and henceforth got knocked down. Frenchy died from blood loss since he still had one bleeding wound as Tona snapped.

There was no recovery for Tona as he too was starving, so Raptor humanely put him down by blasting him with the newly-acquired shotgun. All bodies were buried in hastily-dug graves.

Cubith has inherited my bedroom, outfitted with a poor quality wooden large sculpture, expanded to 4x4 internal area, and floored up.

Day 7
A tribal raid consisting of two spearmen and one clubber arrived. One or two hours of waiting and five or six hours of duking, bobbing and weaving, and two well-timed grenade throws later, (mainly) Cubith and Raptor manage to take out two of the raiders, and the survivor attempts to flee. Raptor mows the straggler down with her machine gun. It seems that Hall ironically saved us from a certain grim fate!

Some collateral damage did happen as a result, and the tribals unfortunately destroyed all three sarcophagi. We also lost the sculpting bench.

Unfortunately, Cubith sustained a single injury to the right arm, and it was from a spear too. Now to pray that it doesn't get infected, and that Cubith will recover...

Day 8
Somewhat uneventful. Cubith was bedridden because she passed out from eating some poisoned pemmican, and Raptor went to gather some wood to make some quick repairs.

Pemmican production is on hold since our best cook at this point is level 1, and has a 10% chance of poisoning a batch of pemmican. In comparison, there's only a 2% chance of getting food poisoning from raw food, so we're better off eating our food raw than making more pemmican; rather a -7 thought than x50% consciousness (moving, manipulation, talking, hearing, eating)

Day 9

Day 10
Tammy Atkins, 55, gracefully descends from the heavens, with a river of blood gushing from her and infiltrating the sands. Unfortunately, we're lacking of any doctors so she's not getting rescued. She's stark naked so no clothing either. Unfortunate really because despite her bad back and slothful stride, she would've been a decent recruit mainly because she was a competent cook and was capable of doctoring.

The torch lamp also dies. Let's hope this isn't a foreshadowing of this colony's fate.

Days 11 & 12

Day 13
I've decided to put mining on hold to focus on other things such as tailoring. A hat factory simply isn't a hat factory if it's not producing... hats! As a little reminder for future players, I've done the following:

The healroot plants have matured... a shame that nobody can currently use their valuable yield.

Oh, and a group of visitors arrive. Night-shift Raptor sold a short bow in return for some medicine.

Day 14
A sapper raid arrives, but very light in equipment and numbers: only a single grenadier, accompanied by a single drifter with a shoddy steel shiv. The visitors mostly handled it, but Raptor and Cubith made their contributions too. Here's a shot of the end of the action:

Cubith sustained a single bruise, so no infection worries there. Minor collateral damage done in regards to explosives.

Cubith went on a food binge because she was hungry, even though she was just about to eat... typical RimWorld.

Day 15
A pretty dull note to end on as day 15 was largely uneventful. Mostly just repairwork and grinding away at research.

The clock strikes midnight, and with that, it's time for me to hand over to the next player. As mentioned at the beginning: no improvement was made from the tail end of Doraf's situation, but there's still a glimmer of hope left. Here's a full-resolution shot of the colony, as well as poor Kazumi bleeding out just outside:


alright, heres my turn, in video format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTMMikliZK8

the turn started off alright-
i tried to bring in the wounded  raider to heal her, and ampute the major infection but the 2 tribals we had could NOT do medical aid!

i also noticed the COMPLETE LACK of STEEL, which i ammended by commanding a vein of steel to be dug out.

however, living living for so long next too this ruin of which contained unkown wonders, cubith could not hold out against his curiosity. for a month or two, he worked and lived next too these strang ruins embedded in the mountain. occasionally he would hear metal noises... what mysterious wonders could be located within?

eventually, cubith could not hold out against his curiosty for any longer- he popped it open, taking away brick by brick. after peering within the deep dark ruin, he heard a mechanoid screech! and 2 lumbering centipedes and 3 terrifiying scythers came charging out.

we fought VALIANTLY: cubith kept throwing grenades against the scythers and centipedes, lobbing the bombs again and again, an unceasing hailstorm of death, but we had only two tribals, they had 5 teriffiying mechanoid beasts. we lost. both cubith and raptor was utterly slaughtered. we did manage  to take out some of them, mostly due to cubiths grenade chucking might, raptor with his LMG was pretty ineffective.
overall, the turn took about 2-3 ingame days i think?

also, in the description of the video there is timestamps leading too the few interesting bits.