New suggestion for the improvement of rimworld

Started by wallatan, June 27, 2017, 12:27:14 PM

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This is my second suggestion to the world.
Translated by google translator

1) When creating our caravans, you could have the option to put the prices of our items! (Well at Alpha 16 it had not)
2) Mortar! In this, our alpha 17 got a little better, but it remains a poor choice to use them because they are bad, but they can be accurate
3) new altomathic towers (if you add better towers to be made of new research and more materials to make them
4) By kidnapping one of our settlers, you might have the option of tracking down the base of the enemy who is our settler to be able to attack the base and save our colonizer!

I hope you like my suggestion.
Spelling mistakes from google translate :) :) :)


2. there's no actual suggestion?
3. 'altomathic' doesn't seem to have translated. Can you explain what this word is supposed to mean? 'automatic' doesn't make sense in context.


2. His sugestion is - make mortals more viable. They are better in A17 but still not good enough. They hit too rarly but if they hit something they are great. So - increase accuracy of mortals.
3. Automatic turrets - mean add more version of turrets. Improvised turret is not enough. He asks for better turrets that comes with reasearch and more material cost.

I don't find it hard to understand at all ;p


More accuracy on the mortars would make them *too* good (and not overly realistic). I've held forth on mortars elsewhere so I won't go into it, but simply increasing accuracy isn't how I'd do it, personally. In brief, cannons are reasonably simple devices; a lot of the technology in artillery is actually in the rounds themselves.

If "tower" is meant to be turret, then that also makes sense.


I think mortals are in almost a good place. I would actually add to their explosion radius. Their inaccuracy is something that should stay.
Carpet bombs are awesome too - devastator mortal from mod More Turrets does that I believe.

And I would like to see more turrets as well(I use More Turrets mod but I think almost all turrets there are imbalanced - too powerful). But adding more turrets give hard time for balance, since if we would get better turrets it would mean that raids should become much harder - but then what about no turret playthorugh, it would become too hard.