Steam mods don't download.

Started by aukave, July 01, 2017, 02:07:47 PM

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When I subscribe to a mod on steam it doesn't download. When i boot up the game and go to the mod folder, it just says downloading... next to a little steam icon. Please help? :'(


That's a strange issue.  It sounds more like a Steam Client issue than a RimWorld issue.  Have you checked the Constant "Downloading" on Steam thread?

What happens when you download mods for other games?

What operating system do you use?  And is it a desktop or laptop?

Did you try restarting your computer yet?


OP, your best bet is to go to the download folder for Rimworld Workshop mods on your computer and see if they are actually there or not. If they are there, you are seeing the same old Steam bug, and will need to follow/use the thread Milon linked. That thread also contains the mods download location for a stock Steam install.

edit: Oh and one other quick thing to try first.... verify files in Steam, have heard that has fixed the issue for some people.


Sorry for the late reply (Forgot about ludeon forums for a small while...) Just had to restart my client. Some dumb bug I guess, thanks anyways!


Many thanks for letting us know that you solved the problem. Even though several weeks have passed between then and now, we still appreciate the update :)