[A17b] RimWorld Succession Game - Round 3 (onwards?)

Started by XeoNovaDan, July 06, 2017, 05:49:13 PM

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This is the official thread for the documentation of the third round of the RimWorld succession game for Alpha 17b (0.17.1557). This is somewhat experimental and the first time that I've done this, so I may only do this once. While this keeps things clarified for anybody following the RimWorld Succession Game; the unpredictability of the events and the varied playstyles of each active participant can dramatically change the situation on a turn-to-turn basis, so this could end up being a bit spammy at times - hence why I'm only doing this once for now.

If you are interested in being a part of this, here's the invitation to the group: https://discord.gg/ZJTatPT

If you do happen to join, you must put in a participation request in the appropriate channel too, to at least confirm interest. Regular activity checks will be done to clamp down on no-shows which hamper the progression of this succession game. For more information, see the game rules channel.

With that, over to the various players that are currently participating:


So, today has been interesting.

It started with a call. I was resting in my computer chair where I had fallen asleep last night and my headset starts ringing. With a jolt, I sit up, brush of my face, and try to squint at my primary screen. It took a few seconds, but eventually I noticed someone was trying to call me via my gamecomm. I didn't recognize the caller, but I answered (I am an admin for a pretty large gaming clan, so not recognizing the caller is pretty common) because if they were able to call me they had already been given permission by the gamecomm system. All the same, I made sure to check the ID before I accepted the call and almost died of shock when I saw who it was. Alt-Freaking.

To those who have no background in gaming, Alt-Freaking is the tag of one of the most famous gamers in the GalaxyCircut, arguably THE MOST famous. He is ranked number one in SimComm for both the PvP-FPS and PvE-SimSrviv leaderboards. He is also the President of my clan, the Fr3@k!ngFr33ker$. As a lowly SubsecGrunt-Forman, in-charge of about 50-80 fellow gamers in my local precinct on my home planet, I should never see his tag in anything but ^erE<HL0N news letters on the Clan forums. As far as I knew, he had Never, for as long as I had been in the clan, called a member personally outside of the >sanctum< (inner sanctum for those not in "the know" on Fr3@k-lingo). Now, here he was, calling me...

I scrambled to make sure my room was in order. Mom hadn't cleaned it for a week or so, so I was forced to get my dirty clothes out of the camera view myself, ugh. Once I had done a quick double check to make sure the camera view was tidy (it was on ring 7 or 8 now), I accepted the call.

Before me, was a lawyer.

"Good morning Mr. CrackShotCleric, How are you today?" he opened. His suit was a smooth grey hyper-weave; Pinstriped, but very subtle. He was dark-skinned, had a shaven head, and was mostly hidden behind his standard-issue neon-teal Fr3@k!ng SimRig. His Legal-IDent# and GLL# (Galactic Legal License) were both stenciled on the front, so I knew he was the real deal. It took a few moments to get all of this sorted in my mind, but eventually I answered.
"Good morning Sir. I apologize for the delay answering the call.. I wasn't expecting anyone this early." I replied. To be honest, I was kinda' miffed. Alt-Freaking was supposed to be on the call, not this pompous legal-monkey. That said, it was Alt-Freaking, he obviously wouldn't make a call to anyone like me himself. duh.
"I am sorry to interrupt your sleep Mr. CrackShotCleric, but Alt-Freaking insisted you wouldn't mind." I sputtered for a few seconds at this (how in the world could he have known), while he continued, "He says you usually don't wake up for another three hours, and usually find such calls annoying at the best of times. He also insisted you were free due to your cancelation of your 10 o'clock RTCE (Real Time Colony Emulator) clan-stream." Again, I was stunned. HOW THE FUCK did this guy know this stuff. WHY THE FUCK DID ALT-FREAKING KNOW MY SCHEDULE!?
"... I, I'm sorry... What?" was all I could say. With a nod of his head, he continued. "Mr. Alt-Freaking is an avid fan of your work, Mr. CrackShotCleric.."
"Please, just call me CrackShot, or Cleric. Either is fine but you don't need to use my full tag." I quickly interjected. It really was a pet peeve of mine.
"As you wish. As I was saying, Mr. Alt-Freaking is an avid fan of yours. He often frequents your RTCE streams under an alternate account and has grown rather fond of them." HOLY SHIT... I couldn't believe this was happening, but it was.. and he was still talking.
"As such, he would like to offer you an opportunity. On his behalf, I am calling you to offer a once in a life time chance to prove you are indeed the L33t Gamer he believes you to be, and put your RTCE skills to the ultimate test." I was instantly thrown off guard and stopped him there.
"Sorry, what?"
"I understand your confusion, but I am telling the truth. Mr. Alt-Freaking has decided before he retires, he would like to pull off the greatest social media event in history. Please sign the NDA I have just attached to the call before we continue.." I scrambled to open the docket, attach my E-sig, and send it back (2.3 seconds total, not a record but not bad), and he continued.
"Mr. Alt-Freaking is currently on a single burn rocket headed to a non-disclosed rimworld. His plan is simple: choose select RTCE gamers, such as yourself, to aid him in his race to survive, thrive, and escape the planet to return home. Everything he does will be decided by you, and the RTCE gamers who will proceed you. You will receive substantial monetary reimbursement and boosted Clan membership status of course, but you will ultimately be in-charge of keeping him alive... What do you say?"

That was it. Well, not really. There was also another hour or so of legal shit. I never got to talk to Alt-freaking himself... apparently he was rather anxious about the whole thing (understandably, am I right?), and I also learned via a whisper message from the lawyer he is rather ugly, but that's all good. I was able to officially verify that it was ACTUALLY Alt-Freaking, and that I would be set for life when my turn was over (a few billion in escrow and an attached e-promotion for the clan.net will do that for ya). All in all, it was a-good-day. So now I am keeping this. It is legally required, but I don't mind. Well, he lands tomorrow, so I will see you then. Here's to hoping the big day doesn't start and end in a giant fireball.


Day 1:

Things started off pretty well. He didn't blow up on landing, that's about it. He decided to land on a shitty piece of open ground on a freezing backwater, POS world. I used the aerial drones to get a good view of the place, mostly barren with clusters of ruins dotted around the outskirts of the landing zone. I have attached a pic so you can have a good look yourself. Also, Alt-Freaking's real name is Drazhya Al-Khalid, the more you know!

After that quick scout about, I decided the rock bluff just north of the landing was perfect to start building. It took him all day, but he eventually got a hut together. He also wasted all our wood, so I have to keep that in-mind going forward. All in all, not too bad. Another pic for reference.

Day 2:

He woke up at 7, asshole. He is lucky that he is paying me, because anything less and I wouldn't be up at all for his sorry ass. Lucky for me, he spent an hour walking around to help his nerves, the guy is practically freaking out. I can't say I blame him, but what did he expect?

I took that opportunity to check his vitals, good grief did he take full advantage of the rich life. Heart problems, liver problems, and a raging alcohol addiction. He has a few more bottles, but they won't last long and he is going to pay hell for it later. Ugh... Oh well.

He ended up spending the day harvesting trees for later. I don't think I can get enough of those right now.

Day 3:

Today was mostly uneventful. He woke up same as always... bastard, and got right to hauling. Managed to get it all done, so I got him started on mining some of the cliff face next to the hut. I also just noticed the wall sticking out of it, so much for being a l33t gamer. I will just give it a wide berth for now. Late in the day we had our first visitors and I bought some components from them.

Day 4:

I think this getting up early thing is actually working out. Not saying I ENJOY it, but it is giving me more time to do things. I still hate him for it. The day ended up being uneventful, save the boar eating two small rodents. I really hope things keep going like this.

Day 5:

I decided it was high time to start farming. I am thinking of rice and lumber to store up for the upcoming winter months. That also means refrigeration until things get below freezing all the time, but I can get to that later.

I was interrupted mid-planning by a proximity alert. Apparently it was Drazhy's old rival being chased by pirates. What is up with old guys and these stupid retirement goals? Yeesh. I attached a pic so you guys can see yourself.

He made short work of the pirates and now the two of them have arranged a temporary alliance to get off the rock. Sounds good to me, many hands makes light work, and my job easier.

Day 6:

Mel, our new party member, passed out around 6 am this morning. Apparently the rivalry between the two of them is so strong they can't stand sharing a shack, so he built his own. Draz had to help him finish it when he woke up, but they were done by 10 am.

The rest of the day was planting and research. Mel seems to be pretty adept at it. also there was a raid. Draz make short work of it, again.

Day 7:

ONE WEEK DOWN! Hell yea! We finished construction of the grave plots for the raiders, and I let them do what they wanted for the day. Mel spent it researching, and Draz chopped trees.
I spent it plotting out more buildings, one for production, and another for food and power. I hope they don't mind food paste.

Day 8:

Another uneventful day. They mostly spent working on the structures I planned out yesterday and gathering resources. At least until Draz ran out of beer and sobered up, at which point he began wandering around in a daze... this is why I don't drink.

Mal, on the other hand, was exceptionally productive. She built most of the planned structures, and then got to work making stone bricks on the stone-crafting table she had just built. Of the two, I know which horse I am backing... wait, am I allowed to say that?
Attached another pic of the progress.

Day 9:

Draz is Still wandering around in a daze. I think it is best I let him just pass out so he doesn't hurt himself or Mal. The lack of wood is very concerning... but Draz should be back to normal soon-ish, so we will make do until then.

Mal spent the day stone cutting until Draz passed out, then she dragged him back to his bed. With Draz secured and Mal's productivity, I think I can say the day has been successful.

Day 10:

Draz finally is back to his usual self. He spent the day copping trees because I have a feeling this is a temporary thing for him.

Mal cut more blocks. That's about it.... Not a great day, but not bad per-say.

Day 11:

More logging by Draz, though he isn't looking good. I have a sinking suspicion he isn't taking this alcohol withdraw very well..

Mal finally finished the buildings. About time in my opinion, but what could I do from here?

Day 12:

We are gonna have some major problems, food is rapidly running out and winter is fast approaching. I planned out an indoor growing plot/communication building. That should help, but I have a feeling it is too little, too late.

Day 13:

I designated some more areas to be mined and some elk for hunting. This food problem is hitting critical levels of "oh-crap" and I have to do something or they will starve.

Draz is in the final stages of his withdraw, apparently going berserk is how he copes. Not that big an issue (except the whole being out of wood thing) so long as I keep him away from Mal. The last thing I need is for those two to go at it and get someone hurt.

Speaking of Mal, good god in the high heavens, she is a trooper. Got a great deal of work done on the new building. We ran out of metal, but that is easily fixed. I am hoping this gets finished soon, because we are down to the wire on food.

Attaching another pic so you all can follow along.

Day 14:

Draz is FINALLY better. Wood and food should easily taken care of now, thank god. I have heard the phrase, "cutting it close," but this fiasco really puts it in perspective.

Nope, never mind. He is apparently hiding in his room for the rest of the day..

MAL on the other hand, is being useful and finishing construction. I'd say I backed the wrong horse (after checking the legal agreement, I found out I CAN say that), but I get paid in two days so I don't care.

Day 15:

Early start, 2 am this time. Is 7 am not good enough for you? ugh... anyways, it ended up being drop pods full of arctic fox hide. They will defiantly come in handy soon, but I just wish they had landed later in the day.

Draz is finally out of his funk (fingers crossed it sticks this time), and we received a polite message from an AI friend of his that happens to have a star-ship on the planet he is happy to loan them. I am starting to get the feeling that while we gamers may be in control, Draz has been sure to cover all the bases. I can't blame him...

There were more cargo pods around 2 pm, this time full of mega sloth wool. This only furthers my suspicion there are other forces at play. Maybe the producers are trying to give me a hint?

And finally, a raid. What a way to end this 15 day journey into madness. Draz quickly mopped it up, and Mal just stayed in her room, so everyone is fine.

In all, a pretty good day. Plenty of loot, some free meat right in the compound, and two empty stomachs. Posting a final pic so everyone is caught up.

Good enough as far as I am concerned. My part in this fiasco is over. So, with a fat stack in the bank, a significant status boost, and a quick salute, I am out.

See ya later, Shit lords!


So here I am minding my own business considering a post on blog talking about some rumors I've heard involving Alt-Freaking and alcohol and considering checking my email for the first time in a while (I've been in a dead-zone doing some dealings), when my screen starts flashing the call icon. Startled I don't even bother checking the call ID. As the call begins I quick flip off my camera. There are people out there I'd rather not know my location.

It takes my computer a moment to connect and load everything. When it does I'm surprised to see that I recognize the face and ID. They belong to CrackShotCleric, a relatively low popularity RTCE streamer. I'd seen a few of them before his stream got canceled. I can't say I wasn't impressed with his skill, I didn't agree with a lot of his choices but he got the job done.

I'm considering asking a few questions when he starts speaking.

"I assume I'm talking to MiniMurgle? Owner of the Cat&Serpent blog, and old RTCE streamer?" he asked. He didn't seem to have any foul intents towards me, but when you've pissed as many people off as me you've got to be careful.

"So what if I am?" It's not the best I could have retorted, but I was caught off guard by everything. Not to mention I still need to be careful not to give to much away. I may not have written anything bad about CrackShotCleric in particular but I've said plenty of clan.

"If you are I have something important for you. Of course you'll need to sign NDA before I can tell you anything, it should also work to prove your identity. Your signature is on public record, just like everyone else. There is monetary gain so please consider carefully." This was an offer I couldn't refuse. I was in desperate need of money at the moment. You can't shuttle into deep space for months with pocket change. So I take the document and attach my signature the send it back.

After that CrackShotCleric tells me all the details. Alt-Freaks big publicity stunt, keeping him alive, and getting him home. It sounds like fun. I turn on my camera to talk to him face to face.

"Well CrackShot this most certainly sounds interesting, but why choose me? Most people say I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist, not to mention I haven't streamed a RTCE in years. Also why are you the one asking me this, not some official lawyer or something?" It was quite puzzling and it seemed important to know. I don't see why you would choose someone who hasn't touched an RTCE in years to to keep someone alive in an RTCE environment.

"Alt-Freaking's lawyer did try to contact you. He asked me to do it because you called him a government boot licker the blocked him. Since it seems that you were second on the list he asked me to give it a shot." This makes sense, I remember doing it too. I didn't bother to listen to the poor lawyer I just saw and traced his Legal-IDent# and didn't like what I saw.

"As for why you were chosen he didn't tell me everything but it would appear that you used to be quite a decent streamer. He must have liked what he saw." he said. This made me wonder something. How far back did Alt-Freaking go for that footage? I was in cryo for 20 years directly after I stopped streaming, then I've added another 50 years in cryo due to travel.

We chatted a little bit more and I learned some more details. I got a link to the site where this was all being streamed too and had a chance to check my email. It was appalling! I could have used this as a large boost for my blog. Not to mention the fact that Alt-Freaking was actually an alcoholic.

A lot happened in such a short time today. I guess I'm responsible for some lives now. I should be able to get them through but who knows? I just hope that I'm not the one who ends up responsible for killing them. I guess I'll get a quick nap then check in and see how the colony is doing.
Don't mind the questions. I'm probably just confused.


Day 1
The colony I've been handed doesn't look a super nice place to be. It's cold and there's a large lack of food, but I figure I can make it work. It's and early day for Mal, she's out finishing up some construction. I have Draz go out and and grab some berries to eat instead of raw meat. Had him harvest some wood while he out, figure they might like having a butcher table. While he's out an escape pod lands nearby. A quick check from the aerial drones shows that he'd be decent to have around. I order Draz to bring him back, Mal get's to patching him up right away. We're low on food so I won't force him to join, but I'll take him if he offers. I got a screenshot of his information.

Day 2
Everyone's up early today. It gives us a head start on hauling in some wood and getting the furnace going. Now we have power and can produce nutrient paste. It tastes terrible but it get's the job done. Chad decided to join, he'll be doing menial labor such as mining. Mal took advantage of the wood Draz chopped to to light some torches in the bedrooms, that should keep people warm for a bit. I didn't notice in the initial screening but it looks like Chad has a love for smokeleaf and brought some with him. He must have still been in lots of pain because he fell unconscious after a single joint. Draz has gone berserk due to the lack of alcohol. I wish he wasn't the only decent shooter because he's swinging that charge rifle around like a madman. Here's a quick picture of Chad and his smokeleaf.

Day 3
We were out of meat and Draz was losing his mind so I couldn't have him go pick berries or do anything useful so I had to make Chad take on the mantle of butcher for a bit. While he was doing that Mal went into a daze because his room was too cold at night. While Mal was wandering around I started laying down blueprints for a dining room. Eating without a table day in and day out was beginning to take it's toll on these people. After that I rezoned their home area. It was a mistake to let them decide for themselves and it was a huge mess.

Day 4
I noticed that Chad was going to try and use up the smokeleaf so I decided it would be best to forbid it to everyone. It could be valuable trade material or useful in a situation where someone is going to break. I sent out some more berry picking designations to keep food stocked when the battery broke. Luckily it didn't have any charge

Day 5
The day started with Mal hauling some more wood back home in preparation for dining room furniture. It turned out nicely enough all the extra wood is going to flooring to make rooms nicer.

A new dining room wasn't good enough to keep Chad happy though. As Mal was going to get building materials Chad insulted her causing a fistfight.

They got over it before any serious injuries occurred. Mal even forgave Chad and immediately tended to his wounds. Draz is halfway through his withdrawls and not doing well. I had to cancel some tree cutting jobs because we needed him focused on berry harvesting.

Day 6
Draz went on a smokeleaf then passed out after the first joint. Chad had to take on plantcutting to pick up the slack.

Day 7
The indoor growing are is now complete and Draz is planting rice. I searched the area with the drone for wildlife but all seems to have migrated for warmer weather. I'm considering eating Orlene at this point. Bellerose joined today. He's pretty good at building and will allow Mal to focus on research if she has time. The only problem is he can't fight.

Day 8
Mal and Draz now have plant-cutting as their highest priority. We have no more food the only way they'll get to eat is if they harvest all they can quick before it dies. I asked Bellerose to close up the stockpile to help prevent leaking heat. It also looks nicer. After that he had nothing else to do and started cleaning, it actually made the place look kind of nice and did wonders on everyone's mood.

Draz went into a daze then passed out. Mal followed up and went berserk while Chad was carrying Draz to his room. Chad managed to put Draz into bed then turned around to see Mal in the doorway ready to kill. Chad valiantly defended the unconscious Draz with his life. He somehow managed to knock some sense into Mal.

Day 9
Chads gone into a daze from hunger, then passed out in the snow and started developing hypothermia. His parka must have broke while defending Draz. Mal brought him back in. A combat supplier from Enanerena has appeared.The some visitors from Union of Meacar. Hopefully one of them will trade for some warm cloths as it's gonna reach -31 Celsius or -24 Fahrenheit. Chad lost a toe to extreme hypothermia and another escape pod fell. I didn't bother with her name because we can't take her. I've sent Bellerose to take her cloths and leave her there.

Day 10
I sold our last smokeleaf joint for some pemmican and a pigskin t-shirt. It's not much but it'll have to do, we can't have people freezing to death. I want to give it to chad once he wakes up.
The woman in the escape pod died a few minutes after stripped, I don't think she would have made it even with our help. Chad developed Carcinoma in his left lung, he's not looking good and may be out till summer arrives. Or so I thought. Chad died of hypothermia before I could warm him up. If only he'd been conscious he might have been able to put cloths on. As much as the idea disturbs me we may have to eat Chads corpse. The colony is starving we don't have any other options.

Some tribes people from the Orange Plains Alliece have decided to attack. I'm afraid we only have two fighters. But we at least have technology. Luckily a few well placed shots from Draz killed one of the raiders and sent his buddy running. I've decided not to chase the second raider. We will continue to eat the dead.

Day 11
A refugee asked for assistance. Unfortunately I do not believe we could have helped him. I would rather he died quickly to a bullet then slowly to the cold. The first cannibal meal has been consumed. The mood hits are gonna hurt, but so does starvation.
Draz has gone berserk due to eating raw human meat. There wasn't enough left to make a meal out of.
Draz passed out from the cold ending his rampage but Bellerose went into  a daze.
Draz passed out again then went berserk when he woke up.
Draz started beating on Bellerose while he was dazed and wouldn't fight back

Day 12
Draz was in the rice farm when he went berserk. He didn't close the door while leaving. We lost a full harvest of rice. That could have fed everyone for a season or two.
Draz has been beaten back into bed. Mal is now berserk due to acute pain.
Bellerose has been clubbed from behind by Mal and is now lying in the snow. Luckily he has the best insulating gear so he should be fine.
Bellerose is down, Mal is berserk, and Draz is in bed starving to death

Day 13
Mal passed out from hypothermia. It's all up to Bellerose now.
Bellerose managed to fight through the pain to rescue Mal. Now we need to hope that Mal can recover from hypothermia
I was planning on eating Orlene when Draz starved to death. Orlene has gone berserk, it looks like we may eat both if we sruvive the warg.
I instructed Bellerose to tunnel his way to Draz's room to eat his corpse. We need to avoid someone getting mauled by Orlene.

Bellerose got food poisoning from Draz. Now everyone is unconscious again.
It didn't take Bellerose long to get back up
A physic smooth has swept across the lands making our female colonists much happier
What a shame Bellerose has gone berserk
Bellerose snuck up on Orlene and bashed her skull in. I'm actually impressed. For someone incapable of violence he did good.

Day 14
Bellerose has returned to his sense and fed Orlene to Mal. He works tirelessly to heal her frostbitten limbs.
I've given the order to cannibalize some internal walls for wood. We need something to burn.
Before that though Bellerose goes to tend Mal. With herbal meds though now. We can't waste the glitterworld meds
Bellerose was about to eat Orlene some more then went berserk with hunger
Mal has died of hypothermia. Bellerose did nothing to save her.
Bellerose has passed out from hunger. If only he'd spent less time berserking. I think at this point that everything may be lost.
A wanderer has joined. Bellerose may not survive but the colony will survive.
Her name is Ash

Ash has saved Bellrose's life and provided him with one of the fine meals she brought.

Day 15
As I'm preparing to say goodbye to the colony Ash has alerted me that we need more graves so I have designated those to be built
Ash has felled quite a few trees so whomever may take this burden next will have wood.

That ends my time with the colony. A second solar panel is almost built and the comms console almost has the materials. I regret that so many people died while I was in control. I'll admit I was in completely over my head. I have no excuses for the atrocities I had those people commit nor do I want any. I only hope that the poor soul who has to take over fares better than I have.

I now walk away with more money then I'll ever need, fame, and a life of shame. To whoever get's stuck doing this next I wish you luck.
Don't mind the questions. I'm probably just confused.


Ahem. My name is Mr. 2ToTheCubithPower, and I am here to handle wrapping up the settlement on Rimworld JmX334-90 that unexpectedly cropped up around Mr. Alt-Freaking's publicity stunt. Mr. Murgle has been removed from control of the settlement following the slew of deaths that occurred there due to negligence. Both he and Mr. Cleric are currently being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By the end of this, both of their families will be left without a credit. Apparently they didn't read the fine print about keeping Mr. Alt-Freaking alive and the penalties that come with failure in the fine print. On top of that, both Mr. Murgle and Mr. Cleric are being charged with the following crimes: Manslaughter, Negligence resulting in Death, Denial of Human Rights, and 437 smaller Class A crimes. Legal aid is being provided for the families of those affected Pro-Bono by my own organization.

Well, what happens to Mr. Murgle and Mr. Cleric are none of my concern. Since the publicity stunt ended with Mr. Alt-Freaking's death, the settlement has been taken over by his lawyers. However, once work of the atrocities that have been occurring there got out, the settlement was seized by the Purple Cross Human Rights Core (PCHRC). I am employed by said human rights organization as a Rimworld Settlement Negligence Recovery Officer. My job is to either restore the settlement to a condition where its inhabitants can live with basic human dignity or evacuate them from the situation.

This Job starts today. After a month, I will pass the leadership of the settlement back to our lawyers who will find the person(s) with a legal claim to the settlement's leadership and pass authority on to them. Unfortunately, the rumors I've heard about this particular case sound... intense. If I cannot remedy the situation within a month, I will need to pass administration of the settlement onto our Warzone/Disaster Recovery Team. That would be unacceptable. It would ruin my perfect record! I have nursed 208 settlements back to normalcy from the brink of chaos without a single failure! I'm just worried that this particular situation has already crossed that line.


The following is a transcript of 2ToTheCubithPower's holo-recording of his time overseeing Settlement Reconstruction Case Mmc7p9.
Day 1

Holy shit. This is way out of my jurisdiction. I immediately tried to pass this onto our team of experts, but unfortunately some urbworld called "Best Korea" just declared nuclear war on the galaxy, resulting in a failed nuclear strike against its moon. What a mess! That means everybody is too busy and I'll need to make due for at least a month until Planet Korea is restabilized.

Let's take stock of the situation.
We have

  • Blood and vomit everywhere.
  • Multiple frozen corpses just lying around
  • No food whatsoever
  • -34°C temperatures outside
  • No power
  • No defenses
And that's not even mentioning the fact that JmX334-90 is the home of two warring pirate factions, We've pissed off the natives by stepping on their sacred pinecones or something, and it's not even winter yet. Boy do I have my work cut out for me!

I was thinking that the first thing I would do is get power online so we can keep everybody from freezing to death, but Planet Korea just nuked the sun. This massive destabilization resulted in a solar flare. Thankfully, our connection to the site is EMP resistant (Standard Purple Cross telecommunications equipment). The rest of the colony lacks that advantage. We have no way of manufacturing EMP resistant electronics right now, let alone feed ourselves. I guess I'll make a campfire.

Some Thrumbos are passing by. In some cultures, thrumbos are signs of good luck. In others, a thrumbo is a creature that escorts the souls of the dead into the afterlife. Lets hope we're lucky and the thrumbo isn't showing up early.

Bellerose wakes up and... Oh God... eats the corpse of a dead warg. At least he had a table. I don't think I could stand the sight of something as horrible as eating without a table. Now excuse me while I go throw up.

A cargo pod lands and we get some bricks. I instruct Bellerose to finish working on the second solar panel so we can get enough power to grow rice once the flare ends. He finishes easily. Ash is set to work (shivers) butchering the bodies we have lying around. I tried to find another way, but the only other option is eating them whole and raw. At least we can put the meat in the nutrient paste machine. I feel dirty telling these people to do this, but there is literally no other option.

The flare ends and I spot some caribou nearby. Ash drops the knife she was about to sink into Mr. Alt-Freaking's body and grabs the charge rifle and goes out to hunt.

Ash bags two elk, but Bellerose gives into sadness and wanders around in a daze. I guess all the stress of living in this shithole is really getting to him, and I don't blame him. Hang in there

Day 2
Bellerose breaks out of his daze after wandering around all night. I direct him and Ash to gather up the marble bricks that dropped earlier. We'll need all the building materials we can get to provide insulation to the growing zone through the cold of winter.

Bellerose and Ash are sitting down for a nice dinner of caribou paste when Ash flips a shit and pulls a knife on Bellerose. Before I can do anything, Ash is chasing Bellerose around outside trying to stab his guts out. Then again, there really isn't anything I can do from here. Ash catches up to Bellerose and starts stabbing the shit out of him.

It's getting dark and Ash is still chasing Bellerose around and cutting chunks out of him whenever she gets close enough. I would have Ash jailed for that, but I need her right now. Eventually Bellerose gives into pain and curls into the fetal position on the ground. Satisfied with her work, Ash stands over his bleeding form for a few minutes before slowly wandering back home. Bellerose gets back up with Ash's back turned and starts limping away, but to no avail. Ash turns back around and Bellerose catches a crazy glint in her eyes. Panicked, Bellerose limps away as fast as he can, leaving a trail of red across the white snow. Ash catches up easily and knocks Bellerose back down. She slits his throat and leaves him bleeding out in the snow. Christ.

Day 3
Jesus. Bellerose somehow made it through the entire night bleeding profusely from his neck. Ash spent the whole night watching him, daring him to get back up just so she could cut him back down. Bellerose finally gave in to the blood loss and the cold at 6 AM the next morning. Ash later told me she had to do it. We don't exactly have enough food to last the winter with two people. She has a point, but I think she actually enjoyed cutting Bellerose apart. Why else did she have to get so incredibly violent about it? Killing for survival doesn't mean cutting someone up and spending all night gleefully watching them bleed out. I would just abandon Ash here, but Purple Cross decrees that all criminals get a fair trial. Thus, Ash is innocent until a jury of her peers finds her guilty. That means it's my responsibility to keep her alive until that is a possibility.


With Bellerose out of the way, and the greenhouse set up, Ash gleefully sets about sowing rice plants as if she didn't just brutally murder anyone.

Day 4
A muffalo goes mad. Ash grabs the charge rifle and shoots it down.

Some Viper Men pirates are scoping out the area. They shake their clubs angrily at me whenever I look at them but don't attack... yet.

After watching Ash collect some wood for the generator, the pirates decide to strike. Ash kills them as easily as she killed the muffalo. I overhear her mumbling about how she wanted to watch the blood run down their bodies from a dozen knife wounds though. This bitch is crazy.

Day 5
Some more marble blocks drop from the sky. Ash worked on sowing some more. Not much else of interest happened.

Day 6
Another muffalo went mad. Maybe there's something in the grass they eat. Or maybe this place is just cursed. Either way, Ash gets to kill again. With its death, the muffalo heard moves on. I guess they've had enough of this place.

Ash is busy digging graves when some more pirates start creeping around the perimeter. Then an arctic fox attacks her. Finally, a chance for Ash to plunge her knife into something warm and breathing.

Some traders show up. It seems the pirates were waiting for them because they decide to strike now. The Outlander trade caravan easily guns down the club-waving pirates, though a friendly-fire grenade takes out one of the guards.

I sell off my leathers and some dead clothes and purchased a psychic helmet. With the homicidal Ash ready to snap at any moment, I figure she could probably use it if a psychic drone ever occurs.

Day 7
The traders decide it's a bit too cold here and leave.
Bellerose is finally buried, along with a few of the other bodies we've had lying around for a long time.

Day 8
Ash's brother crash lands in an escape pod. Like ash, he was a Glitterworld surgeon. Ash goes out to rescue him and patch him up.

Tadashi is naked and we don't have any warm clothes right now, so Ash build a few campfires to keep him warm.

Day 9
Tadashi joined the colony. He also immediately got an infection in his toe. Ugh. Time to amputate.

Day 10
We are running dangerously low on wood, which we need for power and heat. Ash goes out to cut some trees down.

Day 11
Tadashi is finally healthy. Ash sets up a tailor bench and ash starts making himself some pants. It's probably pretty embarrassing having your sister constantly see you walking around in the buff.

Day 12
A bunch of pemmican comes down in a drop pod. Sweet.
Not having a parka restricts Tadashi to the home. He spends his time researching and cleaning up blood, vomit, and other filth that has been crusted into the floor that we don't even know who it all came from anymore.

Day 13
A blight destroys most of our rice. We still have plenty of muffalo meat though.

Day 14
Not much is going on, but tensions are running high. Apparently Ash and Tadashi want their own rooms. Now isn't really the time though. Ash needs to keep gathering the blocks that fell earlier this month and Tadashi needs to sow more rice following the blight.

Ash stabs an angry rat.

Day 15
We harvest the rice that survives the blight. Hooray for the first harvest, feeble though it may be!

Suddenly, another raid appears. This time one of the raiders wields a firearm.
[img width=500]http://i.imgur.com/yZdTaei.png[img]
This time Ash is on the other side of the map hunting an arctic fox. Tadashi is all on his own with a poor pistol. His lv. 0 shooting isn't going to be of much help here.

Tadashi manages to kill a raider with a club and the raider wielding the SMG without taking too many hits. Sis shows up in time to kill another melee raider. Tadashi shoots out the last raider's right eye as he flees.

Well, that's the end of my month as administrator of case Mmc7p9. I managed to lift the settlement out of filth and depravity into quazi-normal living conditions. It is time to transfer my administrative powers to our lawyers so they can sort out who gets to lead this small settlement into the future. I have no power to bring Ash to justice, but hopefully whomever is set up to govern the settlement will put her on trial for her crimes. I would be more than happy to testify at such a trial. But I digress. This is 2ToTheCubithPower, signing out.


It's time for me to step in here and try to rectify the apparently poor situation that we've gotten our little simulation into. Oh, I forgot to run an introduction? Well, I'll make this quick: I'm XeoNovaDan, and I've been notified by 2ToTheCubithPower that Project Colony (as I'll call it) is in a dire situation, and needs aid at once.

Well, I've got nothing interesting or snazzy to say, and I'm going to generally be concise with my documentation of the events due to unfold. As we all know, the welfare of the colony has only deteriorated when Alt-Freaking-F4'ed.

With that out of the way, let's get straight to business, and see what we have to work with...


OK, I think I've got the console up and running, so lets have an overhead shot here:

Day 1:
Straight away, there is a lot of precious footprint being wasted for the sun lamp - and in a biome like this, it's important that we maximise our food production. Sorry comms console, you're going elsewhere.

As for loadout optimisation, Tadashi has a 60% HP poor quality pistol when there's the pristine normal quality charge rifle available, and Ash has a 90% HP poor quality Jade Shiv. The latter does 5 points of cut damage with a 1.76 second cooldown, whereas fists do 7 points of blunt damage with a 1.6 second cooldown; considering that both knives in storage are in terrible condition, Ash is going to lose that shiv and fight with her bare hands!

I've also designated some roof zones over some areas connecting the buildings for quicker traversal.

I've changed the schedule so that there's forced joy from 7-8 AM, and 4-5 PM. There's no point of forcing work since pawns will work during the 'Any' periods - and even joy periods if their joy is full - so I've removed that too.

The raiders have been buried in a bid to reduce negative moodlets.

Day 2:
Tadashi's refusing to eat at the table, so I've decided to tear down a section of the wall connecting the dining/rec room to the nutrient paste/generator room. The roofing has finally been put up, and Ash is mining some steel so that we can get a wind turbine up - while Tadashi is now clearing some snow.

Unfortunately, we really have too little manpower to make a quick renovation.

A raid has arrived, consisting of one scavenger with a 21% awful heavy SMG, level 0 shooting, and trigger-happy; and a thrasher with a 68% shoddy steel gladius, and 3 melee. They're going after the generators, but I've decided to open up the door connecting Tadashi's 'room' to the outside, and I'm going to try and hold that as a chokepoint. I sent Tadashi out to take some potshots in order to grab the raiders' attention. The tactic works, and we beat down both raiders with only Ash sustaining two injuries, and Tadashi sustaining one. All treatable without any use of medicine.

I have Tadashi strip one of the raiders to put their parka on. Rather a -3 from Dead Man's parka than -8 from Very Cold.

Day 3:
We've now got enough steel to build a wind turbine, but I instead chose to go with a heater since that won't need constant refuelling. I have Ash remove her parka as it's in poor condition and wear a dead raider's parka instead since it's still in decent condition.

One of this planet's 57 moons have obscured the sun, so we're without sunlight - and therefore solar power. Sorry Sun lamp, but you're going off for now.

Ash builds a door between her room and Tadashi's, to turn that -9 moodlet into a -4 - held open to have some form of vent functionality.

Day 4:
Some stonecutting's getting done, alongside some hauling. The eclipse ends at 2 PM. Ash is still in a poor mood since she can't be nude.

Day 5:
Some chip chunks fall from the skies at 3 AM, while Tadashi and Ash are still dreaming about escaping - or whatever they're dreaming about. However, a pretty hungry wolf guards the chunks, so I'm going to hold off until both Ash and Tadashi are awake and have their basics tended to, then dispatch of the threat. Even though the wolf ultimately went after a snowhare, I have Tadashi take care of it while Ash kites, just so that it doesn't become an issue in the future.

Meanwhile, Ash and Tadashi continue mining at the nearby steel vein.

Day 6:
I finally lay out some blueprints to expand the growing room so that we can make the most out of the sun lamp. Since neither Ash or Tadashi quite excel at construction, the expansion unfortunately doesn't get done today.

Day 7:
An escape pod, containing one Jude, Organ 'donor'. Judging by his stats though, he's going to be of little value to the colony, but we decide to rescue him anyway and try our luck - he'll probably spend a lot of his time slaving away at making stone blocks. This is the first day under my reign where nobody's at risk of having a mental breakdown.

I decide to put the growing area expansion project on hold, and instead opt for moving the nutrient paste dispenser back one cell, and have it be rear-loaded instead of side-loaded. This'll not only help with stopping meat from going off during the colder times, but also speed up hopper loading. We have plenty of steel, so it's worth the risk.

The moving back of the paste dispenser went without a hitch. Here's how we're looking just over half-way through my documentation:

Moments after taking that screenshot, Jude has joined us! Unfortunately, he's still going to be sleeping exactly where he's been resting... for now.

Day 8:
More resource gathering. Tadashi's hunted down a couple of muffalo, which gives us enough leather to finally make a new parka! The growing dome expansion project is finally nearing completion; just need to deconstruct some of the intrusive walls now so that we can unlock the sun lamp's full potential.

Day 9:
Just slowly wrapping up the expansion project.

At 6 PM, a hare goes absolutely Alt-Freakin' insane and goes on a bloodthirsty rampage... too bad that Tadashi dispatches of it like a badass, with Ash kiting again. It only took two hours to deal with it!

Day 10:
Time to start beautifying the place a little, and lay out some plans for marble flooring inside, and concrete outside! OK, maybe concrete isn't the most beautiful thing in the world, but it's the start of the long-overdue pathway system, and an effort to reduce the amount of dirt indoors.

A refugee dials in (despite our complete lack of a comms console): a 26 year-old messenger with tribals on her tail. I decide to accept the risk, with the notion that messengers can usually handle themselves in combat. Welcome to the crew Nickle! I prepare the chokepoint tactic that I utilised last time.

OK, maybe she was not quite the warrior that I had expected, but she's a masochist at the very least - complete with scars! Oh, and here come our 'visitors'. I was worried upon the sight of the jade club, but quickly breathed a sigh of relief at the sight that it was of 50% HP and shoddy quality. All of the raiders have pretty crap melee skills, with the best still being a below-average level 5.

And it all went relatively smoothly ;)

Nickle took a single shot to the torso from Tadashi, Jude lost his left pinkie, and Ash took one spear stab to the torso. All-in-all, mostly only minor injuries!

Day 11:
Mood has gone down because of the amount of dead tribals, but that is soon to be addressed. Nickle's sleeping on the floor for now, and we're down to very little wood, but all should be well as we now have twice as much manpower as we started with this run. Ash has the normal steel club, and Nickle is to be left barehanded.

An exotic goods caravan has arrived: we buy 3 pieces of glitterworld medicine and a psychic shock lance, and sell 10 gold as it only takes 20 to build a multi-analyser.

Temperatures have peaked above 0 degrees celsius for the first time that I've noticed. A manhunter pack of two cougars also arrive at the scene, but the exotic goods caravan dispatches of them. Free meat!

An arctic wolf went to finish off the caravan's downed raccoon, but the caravan also deals with that. More free meat, and hide!

Nickle also finishes off her parka.

Day 12:
The caravan has left, and with the caravan's departure comes a cold snap.

Ash has a mental breakdown, but that's honestly fine at this point; we have 3 other sane colonists (all of which are at minor break risk). A muffalo also goes crazy, which Tadashi deals with. After his heroics, Nickle shows her gratitude by hurling epithets.

Ash snaps out of her mental breakdown at 7 PM, and some cargo pods containing Venison also arrive. Yeah, we're definitely not going to be short of food for a while...

Day 13:
Looks like we're going back to using wood as a supplementary means of controlling temperature... well, we have plenty of it for now, so that's also OK.

The cold snap finishes, and I have Nickle start working on a cooler for the freezer, so that we can keep things sub-zero even during the summer months.

We have so much food at the moment that I've decided to swap out rice in the growing dome for cotton, so that we can make more clothing.

Nickle has unearthed an entrance to the empty building that's been residing next to the colony while mining steel, and this building will be expanded and used as a storage building, since we're running out of space.

Day 14:
We have an item stash opportunity for Jade, Uranium, Plasteel, Hops, Psychoid, and Silver. Unfortunately, we don't have an orbital trade beacon, so we're going to have to pass on this one.

A single thrumbo also wanders in. Unfortunately, we don't have the firepower to take it on, so I'm leaving him alone. An arctic fox has the deathwish of trying to kill Ash, but Nickle - and eventually Ash beat it down. No injuries sustained.

Nickle's room (and also the dining room) is the first room to have a standing lamp built in.

Day 15:
We start migrating items from peoples' bedrooms to the new warehouse. I've laid out plans for the next player to pick up, in regards to expanding the storage area.

I've re-located Alt-Freaking to the room where the Comms Console was going to be built, as I started expanding the freezer slightly. A group of visitors also arrived; we sell our tattered dead man's clothing that's lying around and buy their medicine.

The visitors take their leave, and we finish off with Sir Thrumbo eating all of our trees; what an inconsiderate jerk!

The bell tolls midnight, and with that, the time for changeover. I'd say the situation has improved dramatically: everybody has more food, the area's generally been somewhat beautified, cleaned, and we have enough supplies to get through any disaster that Cassandra throws at us. Here's a closing shot for everybody:


ok, its my turn i guess. i'm a bit late but ill get it done
day 1: not much happened. ash was feeling stressed- shes a nudist but she was wearing a parka- FROM A DEAD MAN! we cant have such barbarism in this colony- wearing clothes of the dead. i told her to take off all the clothes, now shes very happy and not risking a mental break. also , i saw we had a farming area planting POPLAR trees- the worst ever! those things take several decades to grow. i instead commanded the farming zone to be planting fast growing cecropias  :)

oh we were also low on steel so i ordered a vein to be dug out- i want a high tech research bench so this colony can  PROSPER
day 2:
i don't think much happened- we got a high tech research bench up and running :D
also, cecropias may be a bad idea:

looks like they aint suited too this biome :/
day 3: i ordered ash to go check out some strange structues. apparently ash felt a sense of forboding and danger around some structures, altho we did find a wild healroot we picked up.

also, while ash was going by one of the structues, see found THE DESSICATED ROTTING CORPSE OF SOME STRANGER! she took the pair of synthread pants by the corpse, and i ordered a sarcophagus built  for this rotting corpse, but when i checked back on the corpse, it was gone!

mysterious, and strange; where did it go?   ???

day 4:
also not much happaned- we seem to have a stockpile area set up tho:

day 5:

however, despite the fearsome 5 combatants, it was EZ PZ to deal with. i used a pyschic shock lance on one of them, then when they made there attack, 2 died and the other 2 fleed- cobra got slaughtered by tadashis mighty charge rifle, and a improvised turret (which i recenly built,- just in time!) mustve killed one of them i think. tadashi even killed one of the fleers! :D

also, a refugee named tapia or something came to us! we accapted him, hes a damn good shot

oh fuck

gun wielding brigands- more advanced than the previous assailants- have come to pillage our establishment. or prospering , growing colony is in risk of being trampled under the boot of furious , mindless marauders.

well, after that assault, we managed.....ok? i think? we fended them off but one of us got incapacitated

we got some prisoners tho- 1 from the tribal raid and 1 from the refugee raid. also, i think accepting tapia was the best idea yet- this colony is certainly on the path to prosperity!

day 6-8

not much happaned after the raid- we got a cargo drop with dromedary leather, which is a GODSEND, and i put up some turrets, another battery, executed cobra for causing a ruckus ,

but we survived, tadashi shot the timberwolfs heart with his charge rifle while jude (i think) smash at it with a club.

oh my god
i think i just found out where that corpse went, the one i found dessicated and rotting by synthread pants...

a TERRIFIYING mass-grave if i must see one. just look at all the poor, innocent people! maybe i should build a tomb in some nearby rock formation- give these poor souls a proper resting place.... nah, too resource and time intensive .

day 10:

also, a terrifiyng lynx tried to turn tapia into dinner for itself, but  instead, we turned the lynx into dinner for ourselves! :D

day 11: a trader came! we giving them all of our luciferium (got it from the refugee raid) and some old clothes and all of our silver for all of their chemfuel!

we gonna need it if we want to get drop pods for long range travel. i wnat long range travel because it will help us relocate this colony- a very long term goal, i wont do it during this turn but when its my turn again, we gonna be moving to the mountainous coast!

day 12:
jude went into a daze for... whatever reason.

tadashi tried yet again to recruit isak, but failed  :'(


now we will re search drop pods

day 13:

i built some tiny rooms for the colon ists!

day 14:

i notice a lot of our colon ists seem to be idling, so i decide to blueprint many simple research benches to be built. if ur arent doing anything, you might as well contribute to getting stuff researched. like transport pods!

day 15: the laboratory walls are done, now just need to finish the interior research benches. also, its the end of my turn! i think i have achieved great things during my turn- the person after me will have no trouble surviving and thriving.