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Started by Tynan, October 24, 2013, 12:49:44 AM

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hello, this might be asking for too much but i was wondering if possible with the in game name offer that when that character is created that the information and backstory of the character is emailed to the person?


Why do you want an email?
For your information: with the name in game tier you can enter a name and it is possible to find you with random traits. The backgrounds are not fixed to that name but randomly choosen every time.
It is fixed only for the backstory in game tier. (Even backstory has random traits)

Edit: Backgrounds, not traits are fixed..


okay, i assumed you would be the same character each time in everyone's game


Hi. I have some ideas to improve the game... if it is necessary to write here, here's the first: the ability to wear patients or prisoners yourself, so that the character could wear a bed patient or a prisoner himself. Because if the saved patient after he recovers decides to leave - he will freeze on the road, not reaching the edge of the map.



A few months back my name suggestion was rejected on the basis that "It isn't very believable as a real person outside of a high fantasy universe", the name I suggested did follow the guidelines however as I literally just sent in my actual name (Real names are best!). Just because a name is rare doesn't mean its a fantasy name?


I've been having issues logging in with steam to input my Backstory in Game. the website doesn't seem to register my login as anything but basic. I have my receipt still from 2013. Any help would be appreciated, as the forums is about the only option i have left to get this resolved.


My Creative submission for an in game name was rejected, I attempted to reply to the email but never received an answer so I figure I would post it here, unless someone has an email for me or a better way of getting my issue addressed.

I'd like to state if the answer is final, it's final and I won't argue, and I will simply change it. It was rejected because the "Nickname" portion was like an internet handle, which I am aware is against the rules. It is my real name, with the nick name being my last name backwards. This was my actual nickname growing up, as well as my fathers, and his fathers. It's a goofy nickname for sure but since it is a legitimate nickname and also kind of my real name I feel it is appropriate. I am hoping with the added info about the name it might possibly be accepted. However, if it isn't I will resubmit with just my first name twice, I just figured I'd ask as I'd rather not waste something that is a one time use if it is at all possible I get the better option accepted.


Login for name in game does not work.