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A mod that allows you to build a boat in rivers and once built you can travel up and down rivers, the larger the boat/tech the faster you will be able to travel or the more pawns on a boat, the faster you will travel down.
to build a boat the map will have to contain at 5 vertical tiles and 3 horizontal tiles of deep moving water, or maybe less than that. Events such as dried river beds can stop your travel and so you have to uninstall your boat which will take you a couple of in game hours or days. another event can be a fortified settlement that depend on raiding travelling boats, or maybe even another boat ramming you.
If an event does trigger the map will be mostly consisting of water with your boat and other structures relevant to the event.
You can also raid factions built on rivers or next to the coasts allowing coastal bases to be raided from the shores.


I think you may be a troll, but a simple search for boats returned over 4 pages of hits.

Please use the search function towards the top of the page. No only will you not have to worry about starting a new thread but you can find out how other people already feel about the whole boat idea. Sometimes you can even find a mod.
Mods I would recommend:
Mending, Fertile Fields, Smokeleaf Industries and the Giddy Up series.

The Mod you must have:


haha I can assure you I'm not.
And I'll make sure to utilise the search engine so I next time! Do you have any opinions of the boat idea?


Quote from: noobonthisforum on October 15, 2017, 07:08:12 PM
haha I can assure you I'm not.
And I'll make sure to utilise the search engine so I next time! Do you have any opinions of the boat idea?

Great Idea, anything to make you travel faster. If you look on how the game is made: Colonists can reserch and make a spaceship, but cant make a regular ship or boat for eazier traveling. So I say, we need this.



This idea is fantastic! It would contribute to solve the problem of the player not moving from his colony too much. It would allow you to go upstream and downstream the river while carrying heavier stuff than usual. It would be cool if it was implemented in Rimworld, and worked similarly as the wooden raft of the app game called Day R Survival.

I imagine it like this: you build a raft out of, say, 150 wood and carry it to a nearby river. The raft weights, for example, 20 kg, so it would be quite heavy, but it could carry 5 people onboard and a lot of heavy stuff, while going at the same speed as a caravan.

It would be awesome to have wooden rafts!


I've wanted boats in Rimworld ever since I got the game.

I think a good way to implement boats would be to have 4-8 different types of boats. Basically, there would be four differences in these boats - size, weight and durability. A bigger boat has more physical space, a heavier boat can fit more actual stuff on it (which I'll go into later) and a more durable boat has more "hitpoints" (if a boat takes enough damage it sinks).

Durability would depend on the material used to make the boat, not the type of boat itself.

Each boat has different dimensions - there could be one 7x7 boat, one 5x9 boat, one 6x8 boat etc. This is what size is. This space is basically where your pawns will be able to move around, and it provides space to put buildings on. Having the ability to build on boats would be awesome - it would allow you to put on mortars and turrets for sieging enemy bases, or walls/sandbags. Each colonist needs 4 squares of empty space - so if you want to bring 5 colonists you need at least 20 squares with nothing on them. A similar mechani applies with animals, but the empty space needed depends on the size of the animal.

Weight is that mechanic we're familiar with from caravans. Boats can only carry so much stuff - too much and they'll sink. Naturally, boats can carry much more than caravans but the more weight you put on, the slower the boat will go. What contributes to weight? Everything - items, colonists, animals, furniture, even walls and sandbags.

You touched on the ability to raid and be raided by water. I don't think simple raids should be the only ones that can happen to you - these ship raids could range from a normal raid to an all-out siege - the raiders could have cannons and mortars and continue to assault your base unless you board their ship and take them out. As well as this, trading ships could arrive to your base by water.

In the end, I think that boats would add a lot of depth to Rimworld and make it a better game.