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Started by Jagerius, January 07, 2018, 06:21:59 PM

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I've read somewhere that in the old versions of Rimworld there was some kind of fear system implemented - can someone explain how it worked exatcly?

What I would like to see is to have something like this implemented in Rimworld now, basic example to have prisoners in check with regular beatings or raiders freaking out on sight of some horrible stuff. How hard would it be to implement it?


What i use to do when i want raiders to have a mood debuff, is to have a dumping site for corpses.
And to 'force' them to walk throu the dumping site is to have it 'open'. And all other ways to the base closed by doors.
It seems like they follow the easy way, not the shortes way.
And to have yor prisoners in check, well remove the legs? kinda disturbing, but you seem like a guy who likes that :)


Hi filemon.

The fear / trust mechanic in Rimworld was the earliest implementation of the Mood bar.

You could decide between keeping your Pawns happy or have them live in constant fear to keep them in line.
I can't quite remember if they would leave or freak out if the conditions were not met.

This was replaced by the mood bar, which made the whole system a lot more reasonable and was later expanded by the Joy bar to add a mental need to the bodily needs of food and sleep.
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