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Started by Tynan, June 04, 2014, 08:04:52 AM

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In Alpha4e only, how difficult did you find Cassandra Classic?

Too hard - I got destroyed, it seemed unfair
8 (11.9%)
Really hard, but beatable
15 (22.4%)
Normal - a challenge, but nothing crazy
21 (31.3%)
Easy - I wasn't really threatened
16 (23.9%)
Too easy - nothing could touch me
7 (10.4%)

Total Members Voted: 67


Hey all! Another difficulty balancing poll for you! Please make sure you update to Alpha4e before voting. That's build 462. Balance has changed from earlier versions.

Please only respond to the poll if:

-You played a game on Cassandra Classic
-You played a long game (at least 50 days)

Any further feedback/stories/numbers/savegames you wish to post are also welcome.
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Started playing yesterday, but today I got totally trashed on day ~120
7 Centipedes with inferno/minigun visited my base.

A few problems that doomed me:
Their 800*7 health pool is really hard to dent with R-4 Charge rifles.
A solar flare made sure 2/3rd of my gun turrets didn't work.


Quote from: Riithi on June 04, 2014, 09:48:04 AM
Started playing yesterday, but today I got totally trashed on day ~120
7 Centipedes with inferno/minigun visited my base.

A few problems that doomed me:
Their 800*7 health pool is really hard to dent with R-4 Charge rifles.
A solar flare made sure 2/3rd of my gun turrets didn't work.

Lol, so what did you vote?
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I haven't voted yet, outside that encounter everything was fine.
Got the game yesterday and tried two times on easy callie, which went fine.
This was the first proper game, so it's kinda normal to get your ass handed I think.

As for feedback on the centipedes, the worst offender seemed to be the inferno gun which kinda invalidates cover.
The inferno gun sets the ground ablaze, so the defenders have to find new cover, so my guys are more busy running for their lives compared to shooting back. Combine that with the huge range and reasonable reload of the inferno gun, it kinda means my guys never get the chance to open fire, because they spend all their time running away.

Right now the best idea I have is to fill a field with stone pillars spread out, and just place men behind them.


Voted far too easy. Some details. Alpha 4e

day 20. 1 x pirate inside base.
day 31. 6 X pirates with pistols/molotovs - beat off by IT.
day 35. 8 X pirates with pistols - beat off by IT with 2 captured.
day 48. centipede x 1 in colony destroyed by colonists with just pistols, 1 x frag, 1 x LE. 2 colonists injured.
day 51. 11 x pirates with pistols, uzi, LE & frags - beat off by IT.
day 63. 7 X pirates with R4, M16, Uzi & pistols - Beat off by IT

Ended game through boredom as researched all etc.

Some other notes:

Very few comms contacts 5 in all with only one slaver - no weapon sellers. The pirates seem intent on destroying plant pots and lamps as targets which is just odd. There seemed no point in growing zones as tons of quick growing wild food - didn't bother hunting anything. No mad vermin, Muffalo or psychic waves in all that time. Fire-fighting is a bit strange with colonist preferring to work if both set to 1 priority.


Everything went fine until day 50. Raids were progressing nicely, 1, 1, 3, 3... Bunch of tribals... At day 50 a raid came with 3 guys using miniguns, and some more with uzis or something, and just like that I'm dead. Miniguns rocks!

Wealth: 25164, itens: 20331, buildings: 4833
Str: 6.4
Danger: high
Raids: 7

I think it would not be impossible to survive if I had invested in a killzone or something.


Quote from: Tynan on June 04, 2014, 08:04:52 AM
That's build 462.

In the latest hotfixed version that I downloaded the app says RimWorld461Mac.app. Did you update again or is 4e actually build 461?


dalanmiller: I updated again, you'll want to update to get 462.
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Day 15, 1 raider
Day 18, 2 raiders, tribal weapons, 5 colonist
Day 21, 4 raiders, tribal weapons, 5 colonists, 1 colonist killed
Day 23-26, 6 combat ships in a row, lots of new weapons for me.
Day 31, 5 raiders, pistols, dropped in base, 4 colonists
Day 35, 6 raiders, advanced weapons, 7 colonists
Day 48, 17 raiders, advanced weapons, 8 colonists

Well, I lost a colonist early, but I blame that on me not being focused and moving him away from the battle zone when severy injured. Except from that, I didn't feel there was any real danger.

I was a  bit worried about the last raider attack though, it seemed a bit harsh at first, but it went surprisingly well, 1 incapacitated colonist, 12 dead raiders.


Thanks drb. How did you so easily defeat 17 raiders with advanced weapons?
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Quote from: Tynan on June 04, 2014, 11:56:32 AM
Thanks drb. How did you so easily defeat 17 raiders with advanced weapons?

Never said easily :P But it went way better than I expected. My colonists stayed behind walls using that as cover, the raiders didn't have many places to get cover, so most of them stormed against my colonists in the open. Ohh.. yeah. I should probably mention the minigun I got from the previous raid, that helped a little as well. It is deadly against a group of raiders storming against you. Ended up with 12 raiders killed and 5 raiders fleeing.

Edit: I did vote easy though, but that's mostly because of the description; I wasn't really threatened.

Dr. Z

I find it rather hard to decide what is "normal" for cassandra. Is 17 raiders at day 48 with adv weapons still "challange" or already "something crazy" and when it's "really hard"? I played this game a lot bt most times on Randy Random so I havn't real references what it should be.
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Still working on b to see if I can work it. Just had 3 mechanoids at day 54. I survived. That was hair raising, but not as difficult as a giant mass of tribal weapon people. Had 3 people come from another settlement to help. They distracted one of them. I never did figure out what it had weapon wise. The other two had the charge rifle on steroids and that god awful fire cannon. I had my standard kill box. Stone walls with sandbag waffles. They seem really content to stay out and destroy stuff outside. Mechanoids really like to back off and shoot from range. One beat a hole in the wall and backed up to rifle my guys. It got one, maybe two volleys off that I saw before we killed it. Had they rushed like pirates or, please no, tribals, I would have been hosed. As it was, they are tough but beatable. I had 9 colonists. 1 charge rifle, 2 M16s, 1 uzi and the rest pistols. Everyone survived but I had to rescue one guy. Then I had a mental break and had to arrest that guy before I could get things put back together.

Here's my colony before I started rebuilding, but after major repairs. The power was out and all sorts of stuff was damaged.

That hole by the door hall is where the charge cannon one broke in and then got gunned down. The hole to the left is where the flame cannon guy broke in and then went out the left hole that his friend broke open - the one mostly killed by the helpers.


I haven't found it too difficult as of yet. I am on day 80 with 8 colonists. The raids have been increasing steadily with more advanced weaponry, and I was nearly wiped out by a raid that dropped in the centre of the colony! Fortunately I managed to build a few turrets moments before. No mechanoids yet however. I was able to build a decent killzone early in the game which helped a lot! No mods either. Having lots of fun though! :)

Although the new build has made me focus on a lot of different things, for example, gathering metal and food has become more challenging I have found, which is a good thing. There was always plenty of metal laying around beforehand, no it feels more valuable. Same with silver.
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Is there a way to check which storyteller you have? I am at day 47 and I have had 3 attacks. The first was the gimme guy. Second was 1 grenade guy. Third was 6 tribals, two died, two captured and 3 run off. I think I might not have picked Cassandra.