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Author Topic: A List Of Suggestions and "Fixes"  (Read 118 times)


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A List Of Suggestions and "Fixes"
« on: February 09, 2018, 08:04:08 PM »

A list of things I've come across the last month or so, that I thought would be a good edition, or something that needed fixing, or simply a QoL improvement. A few is definitely been requested before, but I didn't feel like sorting it (sorry  ;))

1) When creating a caravan, show how many items you are bringing. Makes it easier to send a certain amount of items to another colony request (Eg. another colony wanting 25 t-shirts).

2) Show a small diagram/display that illustrates what direction you exit from, on top of the "north/south/west" when forming a caravan. It would just make that part quicker, as I for one, for some reason need a few seconds to figure out which way is east or west.

3) Trading. A filter to only show the traders' items contra only your items. Or only show certain item types instead of having to sort them by category and then finding said category. Big colonies makes this messy.

4) When loading transport pods, it would be great it you could add items that you forgot to add the first time around, instead of having to do it over again. You kinda have to make a list separately in like notepad to make sure you're sending everything you need.
And on the same note, it would be nice if you could save a "template" or save a loadout for later, instead of having to memorise everything you need to send.

5) Ways to sort the colonist list in the top. And have colonists remember their bed when returning from a caravan.

6) Selecting outfits for several/all colonists at a time. I switch between "normal" and "soldier" clothings under each attack. And with now 26 colonists, that gets pretty time consuming.
A "Ctrl+click" feature to select and then change outfits for more colonists would be great.

7) Modifying more than one mechanoid at a time. Wanting to shut down 30+ mechanoids gets tedious.
It would then just apply to operations/surgery in general, which I don't see a problem with. (Rather evil intent, with installing peg legs on all of your prisoners)!

8) Being able to repair weapons and clothing, at least to some extend. High chance of destroying it for low level crafters. Maybe just being able to salvage cloth from the clothing.
I myself patch up my clothes quite often, and I don't really consider it tathered. Maybe lower its quality too each time?
A 40% good pair of jeans become a 70% normal pair?

9) Control groups, like in classic real-time strategy games like C&C, where you just f.ex press "Ctrl 1", and it selects a specific group, colonists in this case.

10) Filters for doing tasks. Say you want to cut some plants, but only plants that is over 90% grown. So you choose 90% on the tool, before you drag it over large areas to find berries, heal root or even trees of said percentage.

11) Teepees or tents. Made of cloth or leather, and are lightweight and fast to build. Teepees maybe acting as a bigger tent. Tent say 1x2 and 2x2 and a teepee 3x3?
It could act as a bed, without the "slept outdoor" penalty.. Having to actually build a cabin to get away from the elements when temporarily staying at a site, is a bit weird.
Maybe, if possible, having it actually act as an indoor place, where you could have a separate temperature measure.

12) In the same vein. Being able to force "instances" when caravaning, to be able to either set camp, or hunting before you continue on, without having to make a new colony, that you then can't revisit after abandoning it..

13) Being able to interrupt and arrest a pawn that is in the middle of setting fire to something...
God this is annoying (just experienced this, so my temper is a bit up ^^).
My pawn is trying to arrest this other pawn that is on a pyromaniac spree. But when arresting him, he is waiting for the other pawn to complete his "setting fire to something action" before he arrests him.
Which means I have to stop arresting him to put out the fire = endless cycle..

14) Setting a upper limit of how far a pawn can go look for medicine when tending or performing surgery.
A pawn choosing to run all over a 250 tile map to get a 1% herbal medicine that will probably deteriorate before he gets there, is very annoying, because it forces you, to either "forbit" every single far away medicine,
or change the allowed medicine for a pawn, which you might forget to turn back later.

15) Adding Phorusrhacidae (Terror Birds) to the game. This would fit the theme a lot in my opinion and would be a terrifying addition. Fast, 3 meter tall carnivorous birds. Now that would be something fun to tame and use as attack-pets! (Of course very hard to tame as the Megasloth). And equally horrifying when a manhunter pack enters!

16) Jade floors? Beautiful expensive jade floors.

17) Deep Sleeper Trait? (Someone who doesn't get disturbed during sleep)

18) Sleepwalker Trait? (kinda like entering a psychotic wandering, but it triggers during sleep, and short lived)
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