The Holy Land (Modded B18)

Started by Jackalvin, February 12, 2018, 11:39:45 AM

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As members of the Church Of The Offworld God, your team is tasked to make a citadel of legendary proportions on a feral world.
A Rimworld Of Magic  (for priests and paladins)
Medieval Times (For tech)
Cosmic Horrors (To fight against the darkness)
Prepare Carefully(See below)
Hospitality (For the pilgrims
What to do:
Start as a tribe of 4-6
Start with basic medieval tech
Research rate 50% (You grasp on to old ideas and ideals, and it takes longer to change)
Have at least 1 priest and 1 paladin
No psychopaths
Non-equatorial forest recommended
Give starting members tunic and suspended trousers.
Start with random pet and 40 smoked meat, 200 wood, and 100 steel, 300 silver as well. 2 clubs and 2 shortbows

Your priest is the leader. DON'T let them die.
You must accept all chased refugees. Feel free to reject wanderers and prisoners.
The 5th day of every season is holy. Any who attack that day receive no mercy. Dishonorable Cowards!
For Immersion, do not research electricity until everything else is complete. Same for microelectronics.
By the 3rd year, choose a special "service" to your god:
Feed The Hungry
And He said let them be fed, and so the disciples delivered...
You must produce large amounts of cheese,stew, and meat and sell them to merchants/visitors.
Have large farms and kitchens. A large meal hall would be cool.
Protect The Weak
Save those who cannot save themselves...
You must make a fort-like citadel, and accept all you can. Expect lots of raids. Redeem The Redeemable
And he laid his hand on his shoulder and forgave...
You need to recruit every prisoner you get your hands on, except those who attack on the Holy Day.
I'm sure you can make one on your own. Good luck, I hope you enjoy.
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