Jennifer, the Raid Worthy

Started by Grimelord82, July 04, 2018, 11:44:53 PM

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Edit - Cassandra|Rough|Mountainous|Boreal 60F to -20F|Dirt Road + River

HI THERE! I'm Jennifer, just a hum drum art teach that got stuck in cryosleep for 80+ years.
I don't drink and I'm not mean to ANYONE, so I don't understand why all these raiders want a piece of me. Maybe they just like to watch me run?

I fell down a ravine and ended up washing down a canyon river. Just my luck, there was s settlement ahead! I radioed them but couldn't tell them anything because the raiders were right on my heels, those go-juice high jocks!

I could hear them yelling in the compound as I sprinted up. Shotguns cocking, wargs howling...bears roaring?! Omigawd.
Cross posting a bit - Time to look at the Raid chases that refugees have coming after them? I've played this game since A13 or so, and it seems like Refugee raids have nearly double the points of standard raids for all that time.
I'm at about 13k wealth, and my last standard raid had 1 shield guy, some decent rifles, about 8-10 pawns. Two pawns had Painstoppers installed in their heads, fun. My two snipers softened them and then I mauled them with my Polar Bear Pair (TM) and Warg pack. I kill 5 and definitely saw 3 retreat.

Then refugee raid shows up a day later, and looks like this:
1) 5 shield guys, with an assortment of clubs.
2) 4 folks high on go juice
3) 4 bionic parts in the party.
4) 18 pawns.

This makes it really dangerous to take refugees. It's literally the most dangerous thing that can happen, and that's odd.

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