Linux: memory ocupation

Started by mecatxis, August 03, 2018, 08:05:23 AM

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I am playing  Rimworld Version 1.0 unstable on Ubuntu Linux Xenial version (16.04)

After about 15-30 minutes playing a new colony, the game freezes. The memory consumption ramps up.

I wait 15 minutes or so to let Linux manage the memory and I can continue playing a little bit bumpy (memory usage is at maximum level)


Please follow the guide:

Also add the specifications of your computer like:

  • How much RAM you have
  • How much RAM is consumed by RimWorld
  • How much Swap space you have configured.
  • Any mods?
  • What build of the game?


My RimWorld build is  1.0.1982, but i started to have this problem some builds ago.

The computer have 8GB RAM and 8 of swap. I send you two images of top result: Before starting Rimworld and when RimWorld becomes frozen. When frozen, it consumes 100%CPU too. (so maybe I am wrong with the memory problem. Its a CPU problem stead)

I am playing with no mods at all.

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Looks to me like it's waiting on SYSCALLs based on CPU status,

My guess is that it's paging to disk hence why it's frozen.

But AFAIK a vanilla RimWorld game shouldn't take up 4 GB or more of RAM.

Are you using the 32 bit or 64 bit build? and does it happen on all maps or just one in particular?


I am using a 64bits buid

A played different maps and it always happened.

Later on I will test on a different computer and check.


Checked on new computer and it doesn't freeze. Memory consumption is not that hi, but the CPU requirements still shows 100%.

I had no try to update translation files, i will update

I had updated the translations and applied the translation correction tool. Now it freezes again after some playing.

[attachment deleted due to age]