Started by Puny Human, August 11, 2018, 11:55:31 PM

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Puny Human

I'm sure it is a tall order, maybe something for the future, but it would be great if this Mad Max type of world had vehicles:
1. Everybody only getting around on foot doesn't make sense if ultimately you gain the ability to build a star ship.
2. Animals would be the most "vehicle", rather than just for carrying cargo.
3. You could build a structure and designate a Garage zone in side of it.
     a.  A garage could repair existing vehicles that will fit inside.
     b.  A garage could be used to build new vehicles.
          1. Vehicles would have tiles that define the tires or tracks.  The longer they are indicates better terrain handling, wider determines top speed (and perhaps power consumption)  (or vice versa, not sure a balanced way that could work for gameplay for certain).
          2. Vehicles would have other tiles: Structure/armor, Driver Seat, Passenger Seats, Cargo space, Doors, and perhaps Beds.
          3. Vehicles would have components, such as batteries for storing energy or generators for producing energy, or both.
               a.  Energy output determines the vehicles' top speed. (This is energy into the wheels/motive system and calculated mass.  So a large tank-like machine powered by a wood fuel generator might not be very fast at all.)
               b.  Energy storage or generator fuel would determine the vehicle's range or refueling needs.
          4. Vehicles would have to have vehicle-floor pieces as well.  (Or some way to define the interior boundaries.)

So, a very basic motorbike would be a single line of, wheel, driver seat (on a vehicular floor tile), fueled generator (on a vehicular floor tile), wheel. 

Anyways, just something to think about.


I have a Nasty suggestion: Search for "vehicle" in the Forums. There is a thread vom 2015 which says, there are hundreds of these topics around. Since 3 years passed by, there are a lot more. No reason to start another one.

There are also some mods for this I think. Search and find.

Anyway, I find it rather interesting that you think about fueling a tank with wood or batteries, while you also have rocket fuel as an option ;-)
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Puny Human

Not a new idea then? lol

Vehicles could be fueled by potatoes for all i care.  It just seems an odd jump from subsistence farming to building spacecraft with nothing else as an intermediate step.
Anyways, i love the game and look forward to future versions.


Quote from: Bolgfred on August 13, 2018, 05:35:02 AM
Anyway, I find it rather interesting that you think about fueling a tank with wood or batteries, while you also have rocket fuel as an option ;-)

totally sensible, I live in AK where there are a lot of survivalist weirdos and there's a guy that buys trucks on the cheap on CL and kits them out with a thing right behind the cab in the bed of the truck that you stick wood into that powers the truck without (needing to) use gas. If you've seen the ads for this dude's trucks, like I have, you can start spotting them around Anchorage; trucks driving around the city with a bed-full of logs and what looks like a vertically-stacked generator behind the cab going from side to side of the bed about as wide as a gas can would be, that they are feeding logs every time they park in a parking lot.

The only reason thats not a common thing is bc we have trillions invested in oil infrastructure IRL but if that weren't the case and you were in a forest... not a bad idea. Inefficient, hard to automate like oil extraction is and heavy on sweat-cost (there's a reason you can create an automate self-feeding oil-powered plant in Factorio but there's no way to automate a wood-burning plant), but if you're facing 0 infrastructure, no reason not to.