Thanks to new door mechanism, surviving in -70 is easy

Started by ArtCollector, August 23, 2018, 03:51:18 PM

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Hi everyone,

If you're like me and like surviving in -70 temperatures as a lonely tribal, you're life has become a lot easier now. If there is a hive nearby, your main issue is that megaspider go in shutdown mode around -50 and do not maintain the hive anymore.

Thanks to doors staying open so your enemy can follow, you can easily lure them away from the hive, watch the door shut behind them. After they have left, build some nice walls around the hive to keep the heat in.

Enjoy watching your megaspider friends being nice and toasty in their small room ready to share their insect jelly with you


This is awesome! Does it work on raiders too? This opens up a lot of new strategic possibilities; I hope it is not nerfed!


I don't understand what you're saying here ;P Can you elaborate with maybe some pictures and/or videos? Thanks!


Insects will wake up and attack people who try to sneak up to the hive.


Have you done this or is this theorycrafting? Some pics or a vid would be nice.


Sure, here are some pictures.

The idea is you first build a wall outside of the zone that they attack you, then you inch close to them untill they start to chase. Wait in the door for them to come close and when they get through the door, it will close behind them. If you're lucky, you can get two at the same time but usually you need to kite them one by one. After they are outside, go inside the door and box in the hive so it stays warm during -70 temperatures.

The biggest issue is that you need to be fast. If they go to sleep outside the box, there is a chance they aren't back before the hive dies of lack of maintenance.

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I was considering it as a defensive strategy. Make some corridors with rooms branching off that are connected allowing colonists to move. Draw the raiders into the corridor and try to split off individuals by luring them through open doors that then close behind them locking them in a room with 5 angry melee fighters. Micro intensive but probably quite good fun.