Glitterworld Empath. Psychically deaf.

Started by diamondthree, August 29, 2018, 06:38:59 PM

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Clearly a charlatan who was exiled from their Glitterwold after one too many failed card tricks. :D


this is a case of the game reflecting IRL lol


Well you know all that shielding that empaths need to do just so they can function in a supermarket is really taxing on them. So after a few years you can be pretty sure they're all psychically deaf. :D
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Would you similarly scoff at a sharpshooter with a scarred eye?
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I never got how pawns in the game could have such insanely bad reactions to such mundane things.
Then I came to the forums.


That would entirely depend on whether they were a prosthophobe or a prosthophile!
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