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Author Topic: "Scipio's do great things" - Naked Boreal Story  (Read 313 times)


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"Scipio's do great things" - Naked Boreal Story
« on: November 01, 2018, 02:12:19 PM »

I came back to rimworld to see what was in the 1.0 release, and two features caught my eye. The new starting scenario making you start with only one colonist and nothing on them, and "commitement mode". As commitment mode states "rimworld is a game about stories", and while I did understand why that could be the case, I didint expirience it yet. Probably because most of the time I tried to make a colony before it was with rich explorer on ice sheet. This time however I tried to do naked brutality on a somewhat safe biome, though the challenge level was set to rough, with cassandra classic. and my colonies died. I was ready to go in, with what I though was a subpar characther, thinking this was going to be another failiure. instead, well, read for yourself:

Ahh, the start of a beautifull day... Wait a minute...

Where am I? Why am I naked!? what the heck is going on! okay calm down... Try and remember why your here...

Right, I'm Scipio Moreno, I do remember that. After years of advancement, we finally exited that dark age. I got offworld and enrolled in a scientific corporation. I was in the middle of their biological inspection when... uh.... Okay thats where my memory ends. Damn, i'm not going to get help soon, am I? well, i'll take a look around

Nope, Not going there. I can hear the chittering from here. If I survive long enough for it to matter, I need to remember to deal with that...I think I can hear waves, though.

Ah, good, some shelter! Could be a bit more comfortable, but I know better then to complain. Hopefully someone will be here to get me out of here soon.
you read this in a makeshift book cobbled together from leathers and plants. Its title reads: Diary of Moreno Colonial Records of Forve
-4 Decembary 5500

One thing has become abundantly clear. I'm not being rescued.
I've been here for awhile. I couldent tell how many days, but I finally got a visit from a group of travellers. I thought about asking them if they were here to rescue me, but I could tell that wasent the case. Regardless, I asked where I was, and what the date was. I was shown a crude map that I hastly copied for future reference:

I sealed off the cave entrances with wooden walls, and i've been busy harvesting berries so I wouldent starve. Seeing the map made me realise though, that I was going to run out of time if I didint act quickly. The climate here is cold, and all other options by land are just colder.

- 8th of Decembary, 5500

I woke up this morning feeling like its been awhile since I didint take some time for myself. Decided to go watch the clouds, would take my mind off the impending doom. As I open the door, I remember that a trade caravan decided to stop by... and that i'm bare naked. Well, screw it. I wend in the middle of their group and layed in the sand to watch the clouds. "coincidentaly" they decided to leave. The whole ordeal made me laugh, which was very refreshing. On another note, i've started growing rice so that I dont have to waste so much time foraging.

-15 Decembary, 5500
I've built a wind turbine, powering a heater for warmth and an cooler to make an indoor freezer. I also just cultivated the rice field, meaning i'm no longer wasting time going out to forage for berries. I might actually survive... Wait, oh no... I see someone armed with a club in the distance... I could try to build a trap- but no- their attacking now. i need to defend. This could be my last entr-
The diary abruptly cuts off and picks back up
I... I dont know how i did it. I tried shooting her with a bow, but I missed, so I had to resort to close quarters combat, using only my fists. My plan was to sprint for a club left as a gift by travellers as soon as I stunned her, if I could manage it, but I didint need to. She fell, incapacitated, while I only had a few minor injuries.

I had prepared a prison in advance for something like this. Hopefully I can get her to help me soon.

-1st of Aprimay
I'm working on making Penelope's cell more comfortable. Should convince her to join me faster. I've also finally got clothes! But i'm not wearing them yet, I dont feel like it. Stuff is going good- oh for the love of

Another Raider? Enough. I'm not hosting two prisoners, and I dont want to test my luck twice.

-2nd of Aprimay

it is done

-6th of Aprimay
I should really move the corpse somewhere else. A group of rats have been eating at it for a few days and its become disgusting. I also finally decided to put on the clothes I made for myself!

Otherwise not much seems to be happ-

The text abruptly cuts off and starts again in a much more rushed script
A transport pod!! I need to go quickly- hopefully they could help me out.

The text transitions back to a less rushed script
Daon was less injured and more eager to help me then I first though! This is great. Having someone else to help increases my odds of survival exponentially. He's an entepreneur, and I think he's applying that mentality to his situation, taking this colony as an enterprise. maybe I think that because his first question after waking up was "what's this colony called?". Colony? I'm basically a lone hermit living in a walled off cave, but eh, I cant really complain. I initially wanted to name it according to the surrounding natural landmarks, but I couldent find my map, so I just said the first thing that came to my mind.

For an entrepreneur, he's a great shooter. I'll pass him my bow when I get the time.

- 7th of Aprimay
Not much has happened today, but it feels good to finally have someone to talk with.

Its getting cold inside though, and power outages due to lack of wind are frequent. I'll go out to mine some components for a second heater.
A new paragraph starts, with a definite change of script style

I asked Moreno if I could write in the book-thing, so for future reference, and imposing some goodol corporate formality, logs will start with the name of who's writing them.

And, here is why i'm writing instead of moreno:

- 8th of Aprimay
Finally got around to building that second heater. We are going to need it. Its cold outside- I learned that the hard way.

the day is too blurred to read
-th of Aprimay
We need batteries. The temperature is going to reach -40 degrees celcius outside and we cant afford to have a heater failiure at that point. I've built a station with everything I need to reaserch it but i'm going to need time. Thankfully I have Daon to help out while I do that. Hopefully we dont go to sleep one day and dont wake up...

- 11th of Aprimay
Penelope. Almost forgot about her. well, not that I wasent feeding her, but she wasent really on my mind lateley.
Well, she is now.

Her mother is a few hundred meters away from the base, and she has a big stone club. I dont that we will be able to talk to her... We need to talk to Penelope.

She didint say much, thats for sure. I think she hoped that her mother wouldent have come for her- And she cant blame us for defending ourselves. Its still her mom though.

I offered here to join the colony again, but she refused. I still dont understand why- maybe she could talk it out with her mother... but from the looks of it, factional bonds here surpass family.

She put up a tough fight. But when she fell, she didint give us an opportunity to save her. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And I would need more then that right now.

-14th of Aprimay
Seem like i'm in charge of providing the raw materials for food around here! The rice started runnin low awhile back, so we've resorted to hunting to round out our food supply. Good news is that a cougar and a lynx got in a fight, and killed themselves! Dumb, dumb wildlife.

- 1st of jugust
Seems like my Corporate Rhetoric has finally gotten throuh Penelope's Thick skull.

Not too soon either, I was feeling overburdened doing almost everything alone while Moreno toyed on his science-thigny table. Poor bastard, though, he had set up most of this alone while also caring for Penelope here.

-4th of Jugust
Finally, a battery! We sleep our first night withought fear from the cold. I know better then to get attached too much to people in these rough conditions, but I cant help but get a feeling of family, all three of us sleeping with the frost outside.

The pages at this point seem to start being soaked in blood and pus, increasing in quantity as you read further
-4th of Jugust
The food situation isint good. We are only going to last a few more days with what's in the Freezer, and all the safe animals to hunt have been killed and butchered. The megaspiders guard their corpses dutifully. Cargo pods fell down, but they only contained unfermented beer. Still, at least it inspired me for my next research.

-6th of Jugust
While we were sleeping, a pack of Muffalo migrated here:

One of them got mauled by a hungry Warg- which is good, we wont have to worry about the warg Hunting us. But this also means we can hunt for food. Its going to be dangerous though, so I sent Penelope out with Daon, just in case something happens. They've been gone for awhile though- I hope nothing bad has happened...

Many pages have not been written on, made completely useless by the amount of bodily fluids that used to have drenched them. You finally Reach the next entry:

-7th of Jugust
In the buisness they say there is no such thing as miracles. Thats easy to say when you arent the one about to die. By all rights Moreno and Penelope were going to die, and probably me as well. After the blue Devils came chargin' I ran back to the base and hoped they wouldent attack the doors. They did, and Moreno picked up a club, ready to try and defend the hole he borded up and now called home. I tried to support him with the bow, but it was not use. They trampled him, and all I could do was prolong my own life by running behind more doors.

If I tried to save Moreno or Penelope, they would just trample me too. All I could do was just delay. I regretted not being able to save Moreno, I owed him as much, but what would getting myself trampled do? Thats when the unbeleivable happened.

Travellers. With automatic rifles. It took me only a few moment to realise what I had to do.
I ran past them, waited a few moments, and bolted for my downed bretheren. Behind me I could hear panicked screams, gunfire, and the agonising cries of men and beast.

I sprinted for Penelope First-  she was the furthest away from the base. Then moreno. Once inside I quickly built a new door and got to work tending their wounds. It was a long, sleepless night.

I did all I could to tend to their wounds. I decided to go out and check how the fight between the travellers and the Muffalo went, and also to pick up and eat the meal there:

My face grimaced as I saw the dead body. Poor guy. Something caught my eye though. A pistol, an actual firearm. After I ate I brang it back to the stockpile.

Moreno is walking again. but Penelope? She has an infection, and it looks really bad. Moreno is a better doctor then me, so I asked him to take a look at it, but in the state he's in... Its no use.

-8th of Jugust
Penelope is dead.

I got to digging her grave. I dont want to be reminded... To have a rotting corpse close to me when I sleep.
As i'm digging, I hear a war cry in the distance. I put my head in my hands. A raid? Now? Seriously?

Thankfully the gal seems rather dim-witted. she spent at least a few dosen hours chasing around those bug-like things.

-9th of Jugust
Seems like she finally got bored of running after bugs, and now wants to try and smash something that wont run away. Our base. I cant ask Moreno to help me defend, he's still injured, and I dont want him to get killed. As i'm about to go out with bow in hand, I look in stockpile and notice:

Oh right. We have a gun now.

Well, our food situation has been solved, with all of those Muffalo having been butchered. All of that work feeding, talking and fighting Penelope's mom for nothing.

I need a drink.



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Re: "Scipio's do great things" - Naked Boreal Story
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2018, 03:37:33 PM »

Top marks, what a great first post! RIP Penelope :(
I like how they saw the naked guy with no food and said, "what he needs is an SMG."


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Re: "Scipio's do great things" - Naked Boreal Story
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2018, 09:49:52 PM »

As you reach the end of the book, you notice that the last page is a bit cleaner then the rest. Its made of one uniform peice of leather
Moreno and I have decided to start a new colonial log. This one has served its time. In this final entry of the old colonial log, I will note what didint make it into the other pages of this book.

I spent My childhood as a spy for the Urbworld corporations. I was young and brash back then, and a knife to the back of another urbworld entrepreneur allowed me to take his place. I'm pretty sure i've been the one removed from the corporation, by some some other young and brash individual.

There was another raider before penelope, as one might guess by the dead body depicted where she first appears. When I asked Moreno about it, he remembered that right as the raider started attacking, a group of travellers passed by before the raider could even get close to the base.

Some time before the snow fell, three huskies joined Moreno. he didint want to deal with feeding three more mouthes, and he knew he would need all the food he could get. He thought they could kill and eat some of the small wildlife. They couldent. They became a nice button-down shirt and a few simple meals. one of them was named snow.

We have decided, after making a copy of this log, to give it away to a travelling caravan so that it may find its way to a library so that it may not be lost. We are allready working on a second log though. If you are to find it, we reccomend you travel to these coordinates, as it is most likeley there.
You close the book with a thoughtfull sigh. Those coordinates are just a week of travel. South, of course. You needed an excuse to get an expedition ready anyways. It will take some time getting the preperations done though
[[Thanks to OFWG for the encouraging comment! Wont be able to work on this for awhile, so I hope this dose for now  :) ]]