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  • March 28, 2020, 08:11:05 PM
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Author Topic: [1.1.2559] Colonist Lease mission unresolved after leased colonist died  (Read 82 times)


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Accepted Colonist Lease mission for 3 Colonists. Sent out a old-aged colonist with terrible traits that made him a frequent napper.
The mission duration was initially 19 days.

During the course of the mission, the old-aged colonist died with no warning or pop-up. I discovered that he had died from the mood debuff on other colonists.

The 19 days for the mission passed and no colonist has returned. Currently, the mission has been accepted for 43 days. The mission information/briefing is also gone.

Expected 2 sorrowing-colonists to return after 19 days, and maybe a coffin and a compensation for bad usage of sla... colonist.

Savegame (14 day availability):


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For Cynapse, thanks for reporting.
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I just checked the save file, and both colonists have been returned. The quest is also historical. I'm not sure I'm understanding your issue correctly.