Your not so cheap ideas.

Started by Ferigad, October 09, 2013, 12:41:37 AM

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This topic is for the ideas that take more time to create.
I will merge some posts out of the cheapest idea topic towards this topc.

Hang in there its alot of work.

Not so cheap ideas are ideas that for instance require a complete new system.
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Ehm ehm... Water! And then add alcoholics too! ^^ No honestly i don´t know if that´s easy but to let the people drink too would create so many possibiltys like bad water, alcoholics, poisen. I mean isn´t water the basic stone for every kind of colony? You create Oxygen out of Water. You let your food growth, you can clean yourself, make drinks, use it for drilling and so many basic and advanced stuff. I really think water is a very importent part that should not be missed. (Even more importent as food, i would say.)

  • Darkness - So it gets really really dark without light source
  • Flashlights - For the little bright dots in the darkness


Hmm I was just thinking about the sewer suggestion.
I think it could be done like simcity 2000


There's already a thread about the sewer idea, so discussion should probably go over there.

I think Tynan's point is that this kind of thing would require more than a simple change.  For example, if you look at a new generator type, everything supporting it is already in the game - power usage, transmission and storage; he'd just have to define one new structure.  For the sewer idea, he'd have to program the entire feature - what causes sewage, what transmits it, what consumes it, and how happiness is affected by the lack or presence of facilities, along with all of the structures.


Great topic!

Tynan, there are a couple of quality of life features that I would like to see added that I think would subtract from the learning curve a little.

I'd like to be able to prioritize entire piles of resources rather than just each one separately. It doesn't seem to make sense that I cannot do this especially when many individuals can carry more than one pile.

I'd like to be able to eat squirrels.

I'd like to see a specific enemy type that is effective against turrets. TacoStorm, though very evil, was good to teach us some important lessons.

I think fences would be a great
Addition. Similar in nature to bunkers and barbed wire. Maybe effective at containing muffalo?

Can we toggle an automatic pause every time an event occurs.

Currently cave exploration is the most robust form of exploration in the game because it is truly unknown until mined through. That being said, a hazard or two coded into this feature will greatly increase narrative potential. Specifically - turn the geyser nodes into space worm habitats as well to add a minor risk/reward factor and add the necessity for support structures at certain intervals while mining.

This is all I have for now. As always, thanks for your constant attention to player feedback!


Few more traits for colonists:
Insomniac - The colonist has trouble sleeping and will never be 100% rested. As such, the colonist will keep irregular hours.
Workaholic - The colonist gains happiness from working and unhappiness from being idle for too long.
Allergic to <animal> - The colonist has a mild allergy that is active when near a specific animal. Happiness will decrease slightly for a time after it occurs.
Pyrophobic - The colonist is afraid of fire and may panic or suffer a mental break when dealing with fire.
Somnambulist - The colonist walks in his or her sleep, and may perform work with no cost to rest. The colonist may be a bit freaked out if he or she wakes up before returning to bed.
High Metabolism - The colonist requires more food than most people.
Low Metabolism - The colonist requires less food than most people.
Glutton - The colonist does not require more food than most people, but will eat more than needed.
Comedian - The colonist has a fantastic sense of humor and will sometimes tell jokes to other colonists nearby to increase their happiness.


Here my (mostly fun) Ideas:

  • Spontanious Combustion - very rare event, at max ONCE per x games one Crewmember explodes (people be like: "whaaat?")
  • Tribbles - a special kind of critter that.. tripples itself every 30 minutes or so.
  • flesheating plant - just stands around and eats things that come to close
  • BATTLESUITS/-MECHS - good weapon to defeat raiders or to turn against the crew, or maybe used as tool? a work-suit?
  • Magnetic materials - metal-things stick to it, like BATTLESUITS
  • Jetpacks - every game is better with jetpacks available, maybe for raiders?
...allways an egg.


Power tech research:
RF Shielding - to reduce effects of radioactive causes (solar flares), for a longer duration or certain devices (turrets)
Tier 2 power gen - More efficient geo thermal, solar panels, batteries
Underground wiring - More difficult for raiders to disrupt eletrical
Wireless power - Nodes that can transmit power over a decent but not too long of a distance (Maybe not cheap?), allow ease of wiring but single point can take out whole networks.
E Nystrom - @enystrom8734


A few more:
  • Mass driver: Gets the player a higher price for their goods (since they can fire it up for the ship to catch in orbit rather than them having to land).
  • Mass grave: A more space-efficient grave.
  • Fake-paste dispenser: Suppresses a colonist's "urgently hungry" happiness penalty without reducing their food need or consuming food.
  • Early warning system: Gives you early notice that raiders are about to land.
  • Floodlights: I am unsure if lighting figures into hit chance, but these would light up the areas raiders might approach from to remove any darkness penalty against them at night.
  • Bed ownershipâ€"wounded: Sets this bed so that colonists will preferentially take wounded colonists (but not prisoners) to it, allowing players to make medical wards.
  • Patrol area: Idle colonists prefer to walk in these areas. Won't really be useful unless things can sneak up on you.
  • "War footing" button under Orders: Instantly drafts and selects everyone holding a weapon.
  • New research chainâ€"hybrid crops: Makes your plants somewhat resistant to the mysterious blight.
  • New happiness/fear modifiers from talking: Like the "social chat"â€"talking to discontented people might reduce happiness, talking to scared ones might up their fear. Arrest the malcontent!


Some auto-combat orders maybe?
You'd add a check box in duties called "combat" where, if checked, colonists would act like raiders (On your side, of course) when under attack? If you forgot to draft someone this could save some time and lives.
Turnips should be a growable plant.


- Flashlight for miners to reduce darkness unhappiness while at work.
- Robots. Work similar to colonists but can only be used for one specific thing, e.g. mining, fighting, gardening, and have a constant level. The type of the robot would have to be defined before building it. This would be an additional robotic research tree.
* taser/stun gun/stun traps
* Option for auto-pause on event
* command to call all colonists back into the home perimeter or to a designated gathering area. This could be useful in case of an attack or fire.
* crematory/incinerator to get rid of less important bodies, i.e. every non-colonist.
* kJ => Wh

(The * are ideas that other people already suggested but I really like them)


Extremely hazardous weather
i.e. Toxic storms, Extreme dust storms

Weather that is so bad that the colonist will have to say inside. Going outside can be deadly after a few minutes, full body suits can let you be outside for a few hours longer. Can damage and will everything even completely knock out power.
The colonist will have to repair from the inside and build a little bit to get room for what they need to survive like hydroponic farms.

Is this too expensive of an idea?


Hi how about unique items, for example you find a small shack from a long deceased hermit (unique hunting  rifle found, food stash, seeds) also wild animals hanging around, could have positive effects (dog ?barking at raiders) or negative (stealing food) would love to see flooding too, dangerous atmospheric events  (dust, wind, hail, snow + temp) hope some of these are Ok and not to intensive.


Forgotten rover, it wanders around looking at rocks and sending messages to people who have long forgotten about him.

Basically it would be the same coding as a squirrel with a few tweaks
I posted this elsewhere, but I felt it fits here too


*Squeamish: people cant stand the sight of blood or bodies, faint at the sight of them, or perform significantly worse with them around.
*Short temper: People are more likely to have a mental break.
*Cannibalism: An option anyone can take if hungry enough, but besides a very select few people (dark minded people) it will drastically effect the sanity of them
*Crushes: A very small chance for someone to develop a crush on someone, and having effects ranging from wanting to be around them more, working less efficiently near them, or moods being better / worse when near / away their crush. the person crushed on can also have several reactions, from irritability, not caring, or even going into dating them
*Heart condition: Being around stressful situations (death, combat, base being on fire) has a risk to cause a heart attack, and incapacitate the victim.

*Blast doors: Large metal doors which are resistant to attacks (like walls) and can be manually opened / closed. (basically toggling a few blocks to be existent / non-existent
*Catapult: Throws debris, or corpses for combat or manual usage (inaccurate and slow). Using bodies will have a fear effect on those hit / near the strike.
*Corpse sandbags: use bodies as cover. Slightly less effective than sandbags, but free to use provided you have the bodies. sanity penalty to anyone involved in shooting / using cover, and strikes fear into bandits seeing it.
Why to people worry about following their heart? Its lodged in your chest, you won't accidentally leave it behind.


Its bad because reasons, and if you don't know the reasons, you are horrible. You cannot ask what the reasons are or else you doubt it. But the reasons are irrefutable. Logic.


What about an unbuild command.  Instead of building they tear down and recover a % of the orginal cost.  This could also be how pirates could strip metal from the colony.