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Author Topic: The Worlds of the Rim (Compendium)  (Read 363 times)


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The Worlds of the Rim (Compendium)
« on: September 29, 2020, 05:42:42 PM »

This is a compendium of a few of the worlds that I have done play throughs with. If you have anything interesting you'd like to write about your own rimworlds, feel free to add them to this thread. Just make sure you explain how other people can generate your world to play their own games in that setting.

M1847: Toxic World

Settings: Minimum temperature, precipitation and population.
Scenario Settings: Permanent Nightfall (Sunblocked), Permanent Toxic Fallout
Disable Incident: Solar Flare
MODS: Anything with mechanoids, or mechadroids, or androids Faction control (No tribals).

Description: A tidally locked world orbiting an M class star. Only the night side of the planet is inhabitable. The failure of terraforming projects resulted in extreme temperatures and a poisonous atmosphere. Home to a few small colonies. A failed attempt by Terracorp employees to take control of a mechanoid army resulted in increased interest in advanced robotics among the colonists.

PPV22: Tribal World

Settings: Slide temperature two times toward cold. Other settings at default.
MODS: Faction Control: Hostile Tribal Only

Description: One of two inhabitable worlds in a G class star system, the other being an urb world controlled by a few Megacorporations.

While terraforming succeeded on PPV22, all efforts at colonization failed because the planet was too cold for natural farming. As a result, only nomadic tribes permanently inhabit these lands. The mega corps however regularly hire independent contractors and mercenaries to establish temporary bases, mining camps, logging camps, and other expeditions, in search of wealth to exploit.

Historical Footnote (Result of Rimwar Campaign): In the year 5545, MineCorp, based in the Ansari Repiublic hired a division of elite mercenaries to subjugate the tribes to clear way for a massive deforestation and strip mining operation.

The invasion failed, with the mercenaries sustaining heavy casualties before they were evacuated off world. As a result, PPV22 remains solidly under control of its fierce tribes.

Bernham: Post Apoc Tribal World
Settings: Slide temperature one toward cold, increase precipitation. Slide population one to the left.
MODS: Faction Control (Hostile Tribe only, though you could add other factions if you want. Probably the closer you are timeline wise to the cataclysm, the more advanced factions you'd see), Regrowth, Biomes of the Rim, Wasteland.
Scenario Settings: Disable Event: Orbital trade ship arrives

Description: An ancient glitterworld civilization once resided here before it was destroyed by an unknown cataclysm hundreds of years ago. Now, this world is dominated by savage tribes. It is rumored however, that a few survivors managed to escape into crytosleep vaults, only to awaken many years later to find their former homeworld in ruins.

Royalty Version: Add MOD Simple Industrial Factions:

-Eventually, the remnants of the old civilization emerged from massive underground vaults and began to vie for dominance with the savage tribes. Around that same time, a splinter fleet of the Fallen Empire arrived on the planet, and now also seek dominance.

Triumph (Somewhat Peaceful Rimworld): For Full Information, See Post: Colony Log of the Everglades Settlement

B18741 (Contested Rimworld)
Settings: Default
MODS: Faction Control: No tribal factions, Royalty.
Scenario ideas: Brigands, Insurgents, 


The recently arrived Empire appears to be in the early stages of colonizing this rimworld.
The Imperial army decimated the tribal factions, enslaved the survivors, and established small bases and settlements throughout the planet.

However, the Empire has met stiff resistance from violent outlander and pirate factions. It is unknown if their resistance will force the Empire to abandon their plans for full scale colonization or not. 
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Re: The Worlds of the Rim (Compendium)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2020, 08:27:27 PM »

Other Planets:

Ansali, Urbworld:

The innermost planet of the Ansali System, which also includes the slightly colder B18741 (Contested Rimworld) and the very cold PPV22: Tribal World, which is the outermost habitable world in this system.

Ansali is controlled by a group of Megacorporations which govern through a "Corporate Congress." Although considered a spacer tech civilization, Ansali culture and competitiveness have stagnanted due to the noncompetitive cartel style of governance and culture of corruption. As a result they have been unable to conquer either of their neighbors, though limited commercial ventures to both rimworld have proved viable.