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  • January 19, 2021, 06:59:45 AM
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Author Topic: Dub's Bad Hygiene informed me that my map load is broken.  (Read 133 times)


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Dub's Bad Hygiene informed me that my map load is broken.
« on: November 17, 2020, 11:42:56 PM »

Once again I beseech thee Ludeon Forum goers for your guidance in my time of need!

To cut to the chase I was getting sick of the medieval playthroughs I had been doing so I decided to go back to the basics and go through the hell of remaking my mod list to fit a more Rimworldy feel. So after a meagre 315+ mods, I was starting to get satisfied with my choices, and I was also
using RimSaves, anticipating that something would break and making "benchwarmer" save files just in case I need to go back and change things in the face of a game breakage.

As was expected, something doesn't work, but not in the way I anticipated. You see, Rimworld decides that the usual run of mods it should be accustomed to by now, will not work.... okay. Specifically, this issue had something to do with map load being broken, this is really interesting because I have never had this issue happen to me before in my 900+ hours of Rimworld. So now I would like to find out if this is a smaller issue, and it doesn't require me to sift through 300+ mods to see which one ticks. If you could help me with this at all, I will be glad to give you whatever info/materials you may need to see what might be the issue.

Thanks, and have fun?