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Started by zeebo76, December 26, 2020, 11:46:54 PM

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I realize that the developers no longer actively use the "Ideas" forum as a utility for their game due to people being crappy and potentially filing stupid lawsuits.  HOWEVER, I ALSO realize that it's quite probable for a dev or two to occasionally peruse the Ideas forum just to see what's up.  Even though they can't officially take ideas from someone, the fact that someone's mentioned an idea doesn't mean that if it's implemented in the future it came directly from the player who suggested it - after Tynan posted what he did about not using this forum for that purpose anymore, said player wouldn't have any legal ground to stand on.

I enjoy playing the game as the developer intended it, and mods oftentimes add a facet to gameplay that alters that intention.  So while my suggestions can certainly be used by modders to create mods, somewhere deep down I really do hope the developers might find something useful in what I say, because I really love what they do and simply hope that I can offer something new for them to chew on in the future.  I like playing vanilla Rimworld - it's difficult, it's sometimes stupid, but modding the game to hell makes it feel...  I dunno - it can quite easily become a cakewalk, and plus with my garbage computer it can easily become unplayable.

With all that being said, I want to reiterate that I understand that the devs don't use this forum for drawing ideas anymore - not officially - it's just my hope that some nugget of what I post here sparks an idea in them that makes the game better.  :)

Edit:  This post will become my new repository for ideas!  Everything new I think of will be posted here in an edit, so if you like what I think of make sure to check back from time to time.  I realize that by making individual posts each time I have an idea it clutters the forum up a whole lot, so I do apologize, and I'll keep from doing that in the future!

SECOND EDIT:  All of my old posts will be added here as well, to provide a centralized reading location.



1:  Training animals to be pack/caravan animals.

Though not every animal would be able to be trained this way, I think that needing to actively train your animals for them to be able to carry weight on a caravan would add yet more depth to animal training in the game.  Ideally, this ability would be trained AFTER the "Haul" ability for any given animal, so for some animals it would be easier for them to be pack animals since they don't have a "Haul" ability anyway.  You'd just go straight from some earlier skill, to the "Caravan" training skill.

For instance, if I tamed a muffalo, I wouldn't be able to immediately use it as a pack animal like I currently can.  There would need to be prep work, just like there's prep work to ensure an elephant can defend its owner or haul goods around the map.  BUT, training a muffalo to be a caravan animal would likely be much easier than training an elephant to be a pack animal, since it has less prerequisite training requirements.

2:  Pawns/animals that are picked up and carried by another pawn should show up in that pawn's "gear" tab.

I've noticed that I occasionally want to see what the stats of a certain creature or human are while they're being rescued, but there's literally no way to do that.  With the fact that they're being carried by another pawn of some sort, it would make sense that they'd show up in the "gear" tab just like if a pawn is passively carrying a lance of some kind.  This would allow a player to check a rescued pawn's stats while they're being carried.