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Started by Aant, November 08, 2019, 04:33:03 AM

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OnlineCity is a multiplayer mod for the RimWorld. It allows multiple players to play on the same planet online.

After you can create your own settlement and begin to build your own colony, you will have the opportunity to trade with another player settlements and caravans. other things including settlers. Build a caravan and get to them!
Target of mod is introduce multiplayer, but not break the game balance and do not reduce the level of immersion in the game. At the moment, the life path of mod has just begun. It has a minimal set of features to give you the opportunity to play together. You can see other players on the map of the planet, trade with them by forming caravans and create settlements. And the development continues! You can follow the news of the mod in this or in our Discord group ( Discord RU )

For questions, first see here:

Current version:
Current server for games and tests: rimworld.online (required DLC Royalty)

How to install:
* Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld / Mods folder.
* Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.
* Open RimWorld, in the "Mods" check the box on HugsLib, and only then on OnlineCity. Click the close button. The game should restart.
* Click on the "Network Game"
* Create an account and log in to it.
* Choose the desired landing site
* Pick / Create your own colonists
* Everything is ready! Welcome to Online City!

Author Vasilii Ivanov aka Aant
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

More details here: https://github.com/AantCoder/OnlineCity
Discord: https://discord.gg/fYXEV6x
Discord RU: https://discord.gg/5DzWrnR
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1908437382
Vkontakte: https://vk.com/rimworldonline

List of components used in OnlineCity:
* Harmony library made by Andreas Pardeike (MIT license) https://github.com/pardeike/Harmony
* HugsLib https://github.com/UnlimitedHugs/RimworldHugsLib
* SharpZipLib made by ICSharpCode (MIT license)  https://github.com/icsharpcode/SharpZipLib
* Circle icon on main buttom from ResearchTree (MIT license) https://github.com/FluffierThanThou/ResearchTree


Hi Aant,
just wondering why you don't team up with the "Multiplayer" mod team?


Quote from: Think3r on November 08, 2019, 09:26:32 AM
Hi Aant,
just wondering why you don't team up with the "Multiplayer" mod team?

Unfortunately I do not speak English and it would be difficult for me to communicate.
Also, as far as I understand, their mod is made in a completely different way. They synchronize the actions of players in one colony and players have everything in common. In our mod, each player has his own independent game, but on one common planet.


Since the other players are different factions, would everyone be able to raid and fight each other in the future?


Quote from: Punyrock on November 08, 2019, 04:21:05 PM
Since the other players are different factions, would everyone be able to raid and fight each other in the future?
Long before the release of battles


Damn this looks really exciting, i'm looking forward to finding some people to try this out with and I cant wait to see where thiss will go. Best of luck c:


Quote from: BigBibba on November 09, 2019, 12:33:52 PM
Damn this looks really exciting, i'm looking forward to finding some people to try this out with and I cant wait to see where thiss will go. Best of luck c:
Why wait? When can I play on a shared server? And welcome to the discord :)


Update 0.02.32a from 2019.10.26
Mod: https://yadi.sk/d/J_RQA63Yvz984A
Server has not changed

This is a small update.

Added translation into Korean (thanks 블루베리/kang060302), French (thanks Guilty) and fixed translation in other languages.


Update 0.03.44a from 2020.06.11
Mod: https://yadi.sk/d/KTT-8vy6UemLkA
Server: https://yadi.sk/d/HfHi60D7jvRM8g

An update that fixes many bugs.
Many thanks to the community for their patience and active help.
The error of connection loss was fixed, the error due to which progress was not saved was fixed, the game crashed, the interface disappeared, several chat-related errors were fixed.
Now when the connection is disconnected, it is automatically restored.
Server rental extended for a year rimworld.online (

Update 0.03.40a from 2020.05.03

A big update, in which it became possible to attack a foreign settlement with partial control of their pawns. Unfortunately, everything didn't work out beautifully and smoothly, but you can still have fun! :)
The mod is transferred to version RimWorld 1.1
Added Chinese translation (thanks @ldoubil).
Reworked mod description, now everything is described in more detail.
The server side now has settings.
There was a setting for the frequency of autosaves, the default is 15 minutes.
You can write a text about yourself that will be available to other players.
Many bugs fixed, new ones made :)

A little description of PVP. Now, if you have a desire to take away from your neighbor what is bad or to completely capture the colony, you can do it with your own caravan. Your colonists will attack the enemy colony in the form in which it is playing at the moment (of course, it must be online). The attacking pawns are always in combat mode and accept commands to go to the position, shoot at the target and attack the target closely. They can also pick up weapons, clothes and take or discard something from the inventory, or else they can eat or drink something. Actually, the control possibilities end there: it turns out that only the main teams for fighting are available. We should also say that the attacker manages the situation remotely. Because of what, his orders are executed, but he does not see the process of aiming and shooting. Movements also occur in jerks. It is sad that it did not work out to do everything smoothly. At the moment, I do not see the technical ability to make this mechanism better. In order to slightly compensate for the loss of control, the speed of movement of the pawns of the attacked is halved (the reduction takes effect a minute after the start of the battle in order to have time to take a position).

To attack, both you and the enemy in the Settings tab should have a checkmark "Participate in PVP". You can change it once a day. If any side leaves the game during the battle this will be tantamount to defeat and the player will either lose the colony or the caravan that is attacking. For the other side, only the fact that hostile pawns will passively shoot back under the control of the AI ??game will change. If the attacker wants to retreat, then he needs to go to any edge of the map and click Retreat in the menu. While PVP is in progress, half of the first speed is forcibly set. You can neither pause nor accelerate.

The official server is now available again at rimworld.online.
When you connect to it, our modpack will be automatically downloaded. Watch out! Save everything important from the Mods folder.
The server works without the DLC Royalty, since not everyone buys it, and it's illegal to automatically download paid content without buying it.
Dev mod on the server is now disabled.

Many thanks to everyone who helped our project for all this long time! Thanks to you, the mod now has even more different languages, new settlement icons that reflect the wealth of the colony, a cool mechanism for downloading mods and other things to the code that are not noticeable, but important for development, and, of course, thanks to those who help financially with the rental server!


It is possible to abandon a colony and start all over again without resetting the map?


I'm trying out the public server and I'm having an issue with my colonists not wanting to perform tasks due to their supposed health condition (https://i.imgur.com/zINFTZO.png). This affects the same jobs for all colonists, even if they're in perfect health (https://i.imgur.com/H03YpbA.png). What's extra strange is they will perform the tasks if manually tasked, but will otherwise ignore it.

I've tried asking others on the server but it seems they don't have this issue. I've unsubscribed from all of my mods, deleted the Rimworld directory, deleted the settings directory in AppData, and did a fresh install with a new settlement, but it still has the same jobs in red. No clue why it's acting up. :/


Update 0.03.50a from 2021.02.14

Fix the burden with the exit when transferring goods
Fix the burden using the save file
Constant update fix ("Not all files were tested for hash ...")
Fixed transfer of pawns to the settlement (now they are not aggressive, and the prisoners do not run around the warehouse, thanks @Babur#4894)
Added an incident system: now you can send each other raids of bribed NPCs (thanks @Babur#4894)
Separate log report on incidents on the server
Added the ability to select a scenario when creating a world (thanks @DocSpectre_#9527)
Improved mod sync system, sync mod settings (thanks @Roman8x#9635)
Mod settings can no longer be changed (configurable on the server)
Logging out of old sessions of the same login
More stable forwarding of server commands (mail)
Server setup start year
Server configuration to disable online PVP
Fixes for some rare bugs


Update 0.03.58a from 2021.02.20

Fixed many bugs
Added the ability to ban abusers
Added information to the server report on players (by button S)


Hi, I may have not understood very well how this mod works but, does it allow me to play with a friend (in two separate and independent settlements) on the same world or will we find other players as well?

I just would like to play with another person as if we were in a LAN.

I know Zetrith mod, it works well, but playing on separate settlements is a definitely another thing :)