[1.3.3069] New bed system prevents tending to enemy pawns on world map

Started by neurodr0me, July 24, 2021, 02:10:36 PM

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Circumstances: I am waylayed by enemies while traveling caravan, or I am on a generated map for a quest encounter. My pawns win the fight, the enemy pawn is alive and wounded, bleeding out. I want to heal the pawn so I can take them prisoner with my caravan, except now I cannot do so without an "enclosed space".

What Happened: I cannot tend to the pawn in any way without building an entire enclosed 2x1 space complete with a door, this is impossible to do before the pawn bleeds to death. In the past I was able to place a sleeping spot and tag it Medical, this was enough to take the enemy pawn to so that they could be tended to. Now I can only take a prisoner to a bed that is marked both Medical AND Prisoner, but you cannot tag a Prisoner bed without *building an entire house first*. This is prohibitive and feels very unintuitive and awkward and the prisoner will never have enough blood to survive the building time.

What you expected to happen: I should be able to right-click, tend, on the enemy pawn, without having to move them at all. This is currently possible with friendly and neutral pawns, but not enemy pawns.

Thanks for this amazing expansion guys, really completes the game, easily worth twice the price tag, you guys killed it :)


I believe this is as intended, and if that was 1.2 behavior it was in error.  However I will have the devs take a look at this one to see if I'm wrong.  A way of saving prisoners however, while on caravan, is to simply form a caravan immediately after the fight, since your caravan tends people right after formation.


Thanks for the report neuro.

So it should be possible to tend wounded enemies where they lay as of the last few patches.

You can also use drafted carry to pick them up and bring them where you want.

Does that address your concerns?
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