Your creation needs more work!

Started by Vanhuhn, August 05, 2021, 11:51:45 AM

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Hi there, love the game!

So, my sent in Name was rejected for not being "very believable as a real person outside of a fantasy universe". That's a little worrying for me, since it is my name I was given at birth we are talking about and I, for the most part, used to believe to exist not only outside of a fantasy universe, but in reality. Now you tell me: Am I a real boy?

Jokes aside, I'd most certainly be willing to proof the realness of my name by ID, if it helps.
I know its an odd one even auto correct dislikes.
And i know it's touched by the sin of having neither English nor Spanish nor even German but instead blasphemous Greek roots but I'll have to stick with it for some years to come, and i think for the multicultural outer rim it is more than fitting!

with love and some newly arisen existential fear

Antharis Simon Bumm

ps: I'm real. I swear! its written a little unlike Alpha Scorpii, yeah, well I wasn't meant to be a star.

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Your creation needs more work!

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Here's the reason given by the editor that reviewed your creation, ItchyFlea:
Hey there,
So the name doesn't conform to the guidelines. It isn't very believable as a real person outside of a fantasy universe. Please check the creative reward guidelines for more details.
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