Question about pawn stockpiling "logic"

Started by blackrave, October 30, 2021, 08:42:19 AM

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Can someone explain how exactly pawns determine where to drop off items they haul?
One would logically assume that primary spot would be existing stack with nearest free spot as secondary choice.
Welp, no.
I just witnessed organ bag grabbing bit of steel adjacent to stockpile zone (one tile to the south) and carrying it all the way to the other side of big stockpile zone to create new stack (there already were 3 steel stacks)
So, can someone explain how exactly pawns determine drop off points?
Because as far as I can tell it makes no sense.

It gets even more ridiculous with PickUpAndHaul mod, since pawn picks up several items and starts walking all around stockpile zone dropping items in various random spots, instead of more logical ones.


It's random.
Strange path to store items in a storage.
Cook runs long distances when he doesn't have to
Vanilla stockpiles are rather basic and waste a huge amount of space.
LWM's Deep Storage is excellent.
Owlchemist's fork seems to be slightly fresher, LWM seems to be experiencing some difficulties.