[1.3.3101] Colonist becomes undraftable on receiving Praetor title

Started by nanopico, August 27, 2021, 05:04:09 PM

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As the bestowing ceremony completes to give the Praetor title, the pawn becomes undraftable - the button to draft does not show, and <R> does not work. I tried loading an earlier save and accepting the Bestower quest at different times, but the colonist always lost the ability to be drafted just as the ceremony completed.

Save and log files here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18nm5PsScCEpl_KRKkH7BdYK6JFVu-rZd?usp=sharing


Thanks for the bug report, I did notice it in the save when I loaded it.  Of course I see other pawns in the colony don't have the issue at the same rank.  It's difficult to judge exactly what may have happened other than that this is a very large colony.  I am submitting this to a review for the devs and hopefully we can track down the origin of the bug.


It would be great to get a savefile before bestowing ceremony broke in order for me to recovcer what happened.
Also, the mentioned pawn doesn't have any ideo, which causes said error. I wonder how they end up in that state.


Thank you for looking at this!
I didn't have a save file from before, so I have triggered the bug again on the same game but later, this time on the pawn Fairwing, and added two files to the folder linked above.
The file Before.rws is the save just after I have added 10 honour for Fairwing; After.rws is saved immediately after the ceremony started, and Fairwing's draft button has just disappeared.
This game is running Royalty but not Ideology.