[1.3] Philippine Revolutionary Uniforms (WIP)

Started by LordFelix69, December 07, 2021, 02:58:27 AM

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Hi new account, i was previously known as Knights Cross. Unfortunately can't recover it anymore i was the pioneer or the first to create the Great War mod (Alpha 7)

However i have something new to give to you. The Rayadillo or the uniform worn by the Colonial Spanish later adapted by the first Philippine Republic.

Here are some screenshots to the work in progress textures. the code and Defs are already finished. just need some time to work on the textures.

> HD Quality Textures
- Rayadillo Uniform
- Officer Cap
- Katipunero Hat
- Bolt Action Rifle
- Filipino webbing

> Faction
-Philippine Revolutionary Army

I intend to build a non profit team to fully develop the mod not just into uniforms. but a full functioning Faction! maybe more.

Screenshots of WIP

I look forward in seeing your support on it's release on steam!


Guy, this is so nitch i can't imagine anyone would ever care. Because when i play a space colony game, i care for more mechanoid gear and that, i don't care for the philippine revolution faction.