Mod Request: Time slows down

Started by Razzoriel, December 29, 2021, 10:35:27 AM

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I was wondering if there is any mod that drastically slows down progression and build-up of the AI. As in, all activities are much slower to perform, and the AI responds as such by not building up the difficulty.

Also wondering if simply changing every single work to take longer and appropriately reduce EXP gain/degrading works and the AI interprets this as the player simply not developing his colony. Im talking like making playthroughs 10x slower, so you cannot build a huge map wall in a single day if made of wood.


I give you solid 9/10 trollpoints.


will work great with z-levels, not only everything will be slower, you also will need to make multiple layers of walls!

sarcasm off

there is difficulty selection already that do exactly what you want.