What would I like to see with the next big update

Started by stars1302, April 20, 2022, 10:30:31 AM

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This may have been suggested, but I feel like geography needs to matter more. However, I have no idea how doable anything I suggest is.

It would be nice to have normal raids come as ''caravans'' that we could spot on the map, depending on the size of that caravan. This would mean that we could intercept them before they reach the colony, or make use of some defensive outpost colonies in the chokepoints of the area where our primary base is.

This way it would make more sense to live surrounded by impassible mountains with only one exit or have your base on a single tile island as you can't go anywhere by land, but the enemy also can't get to you, unless you are in the drop-pod range of their base maybe.

AI factions could have a population/wealth cap, where it makes a difference to raid/kill them. With more wealth and population they could attack with better equipment and larger numbers, and form new bases, but every time they lose bases or a substantial population whilst attacking/defending, things get harder for them too, just like the experience of the player.

We should be able to see two factions clashing with each other and be able to intervene, be it out in the open or in one of their bases. There is a comprehensive mod for this, but it is always better to have these features vanilla imo.


I'd love to be able to intercept raids while they're travelling to my base.


Speaking of the Geography... I just wanna mention that "Roads of Rim" is a great mod for making your surrounding geography really matter while turning otherwise low value rock chunks into a crucial resourse.  It's made caravan planning and map "expansion" way more interesting and less restrictive each time than I suspect it would have otherwise been. 

 It's amazing to me that this addition to the old core gameplay is just considered Abandoned and would have been gone forever if not for "Mlie" doing what Mlie does.   It would be like trying to play SimCity4 with neither Rushhour nor the N.A.M. community expansion.  Their developers should really take a bit of inspiration from all that,  I'm really curious why they haven't so far??  Our entire civilization might still be living in thatched Round-Houses today if it weren't for the obsession the Roman empire had with building Roads


I'll read your posts more often, I swear. I recently learned of a game called snake io , and I'd love for you to play it with me whenever you have some free time.